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Breath I'm Sarah Kenser the author of the bestselling book the view from Flyover Country and the upcoming book hiding in plain sight I'm Andrea Chalupa journalist and filmmaker and the around the world we're beginning our show today with very sad news Elijah Cummings the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee died suddenly last week at age six st eight this is a tremendous loss for our country cummings is probably the most universally liked entrusted Democrat and Congress everybody respected him putting new and very progressive representatives Pelosi and other old school Democrats and the other Democrats who are deeply engaged in the trump corruption investigations in a fractious era cummings who is known for his moral integrity and commitment to accountability was the Linchpin Holding Democrats in Congress together and now he's John Members of Congress seemed shocked by his death including his close friends cummings had worked until the end signing subpoenas hours before he died his cause of death was listed complications from a long illness but the illness remains unnamed though he had had heart surgery in two thousand seventeen in September two thousand nine hundred Cummings told the Baltimore Sun that he was in good health cummings is involved in the trump Russia investigation from the very start he is the person who sent the letter to Mike Pence in Two Thousand Sixteen Documenting Michael Flynn's illicit activity a letter which proves pence Newel Flynn's crimes and did nothing about them this is important now is people consider whether pence can be impeached along with trump cummings also oversaw the Mike Owing hearing in February twenty nine thousand nine hundred which is probably the most effective public hearing regarding trump and his mafia ties though we didn't know it at the time investigations radically curved or shut down after that point when you watch that hearing you can see the respect that cummings commanded among his peers and his uncompromising stance against corruption what he did not be replicated and he will be impossible to replace coming spent the last two months of his life being attacked by the trump administration while facing threats personal security immediately following Muller's week will testimony on July twenty fourth a testimony that nonetheless demonstrated trump had committed numerous impeached offenses Cummings gave impassioned plea for Americans to be vigilant and to fight for their democracy not about not liking the president is loving democracy it's about loving our country it's about making a difference for generations yet one that's what this is all about and I'm begging I'm begging the American people to pay attention to what is going Orne because if you WANNA have a democracy intact for your children and your children and generations yet unborn We have got to God this moment this is our watch that clip of Cummings went viral three days later on July twenty seventh at around six am Trump went on twitter tirade insulting Cummings here's a sampling of what he said representative. Elijah cummings has been a brutal bully shouting and screaming at the eight men and women of Border Patrol about conditions at the southern border when actually is Baltimore district is far worse and more dangerous his district is considered the worst in the USA. as proven last week during a congressional tour the borders clean efficient well-run just very crowded coming district is a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess not that language of infestation which we hear over and over again from trump if he had spent more time in Baltimore maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous and filthy place things responded by saying Mr President I go home to my district daily each morning I wake up and then go and fight for my neighbors. It's my constitutional duty to conduct oversight of the executive branch but it's my moral duty to fight for my constituents and in follow up tweets coming went on to detail the ways he's done just that what no one knew at the time was that just hours before trump's tweets someone had tried to break into cummings home on August second coming spoke publicly about the break in saying quote individual attempted to gain entry into my residents at approximately three forty a m on Saturday ally twenty-seventh I was notified of the intrusion by my security system and I scared the intruder away by yelling before the person gained entry into the residential portion of the House this prompted an investigation by congressional security officials as to according to have all places Fox News and I quote whether the break in was a random crime or if there is a threat nexus tied to cummings due to trump's comments and then trump hours after the news that robbery was made public tweeted sarcastically really bad news the Baltimore House of Elijah Cummings was robbed too bad officials I found the person who broke into his house or concluded whether trump or anyone tied to or inspired by trump was involved we don't know now if this investigation in is still ongoing one surprising thing about Elijah Cummings is that even though he was one of the most determined investigators have trump corruption he was slow to call for impeachment compared to his colleagues he finally did so on September twenty fourth as Chairman of the House Oversight Committee he then became one of three committee heads running the investigation coming tweeted when the history books are written about this tumultuous era I want them to show that I was among those in the House of Representatives who stood up to lawlessness tyranny and now a few weeks later he's dead so Andrea thought son Elijah Cummings his legacy his death. The House is left to do now well Elijah Cummings stood for are what is needed in this moment in history and that is moral progress moral progress you get advance in technology and science but without the moral progress your empty as a society case in point Nazi scientists that did experiments on live people for instance how many of those Nazi scientists have but they were lacking in any morals and so what we need in this moment to who cleanser system of Jeffrey Epstein who through his money around including to Mit oh what we need in this moment to cleanser system from bloodsoaked Russian oligarchs money around including institutions like Harvard and Cambridge and Oxford and so forth and the Center for Foreign Relations is moral progress at the heart of everything that's needed in this moment right now is for the moral progress to catch up to where we are with advancements of science and technology because without it we're doing and Elijah Cummings stood for that and he showed up for his community so for all of us feeling his great loss in this moment the number one thing that you need to do to honor him especially in this critical you sure that we are facing which is twenty twenty where you have the trump family that must stay in power to avoid facing justice that is what was avalanched by the Miller report that Donald Trump is a criminal and that he should he would otherwise be facing a court hearing with the fact that he's president based on some you know just a few decades old DOJ memos and so forth right will always keep reminding you that just you understand what this how high the stakes are in two thousand twenty so if you want to honor and we all must now honor the legacy the hard work sacrifice of Elijah Cummings how far he went as an example of the best of America the best of our nation's capable of the best way to for him now is to show up show up show up and we now have to fight like hell because if we don't it's going to get harder fight if we don't fight our hearts out now in the little time that we have left the cage doors are closing on us and pretty soon we're going to have to fight like the protesters in Hong Kong long were they show up to protest with letters saying goodbye to their parents in their backpacks because they might not come back because he might be killed that's what that's what the protesters are doing now. In Hong Kong so to avoid our country getting to that point which it very well could I remember we are the crazy ladies that I've been telling you what to expect and people haven't listen to us for so long so now we're telling we're running out of time we're running out of time and so you need to.

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