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You're on news ninety six five go ahead hi my question about the reverse mortgage all right another elderly lady i'm the house she passed a little over a year ago i found the paper work a couple of months go on i contact the reverse mortgage company so things are coming up where we're going to have to get out so what i wanted to know is there a process the mortgage company has to go through oh they come to the house and say you gotta get out yes they will have to do a mortgage foreclosure harris and as part of that they would need to name your deceased aunt and they'd have to name anybody living in the home as well like you so that process takes a number of months harrison nothing's going to happen overnight you're going to know when it's happening okay so i am not living in the house she was actually living elderly lady one taking care up there so okay there was i just didn't want them to be able to comment took her out without enough no she will get noticed now harris harris's any equity in his home or as a mortgage equal the home value or exceed the home value the mortgage on the home reverse mortgages about a hundred seventy two i have so much to take a look at the home and the house could sell around hundred eighty eighty two somewhere case so there's not not really noth they're a mess with so hopefully i've answered your question for you harris thank you very much okay.

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