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You're in a payment to begin with. Yeah. I'm cer- alls pretty shocked to see his only five hundred thousand dollars lasts like I don't know how many fights a bunch yeah, the grace of all time five hundred thousand dollars a fight that ain't shit dude. There's low level podcasts getting that a year. It's a it's a shame. Shame shocking shocking. If if you're a athlete, get into it. Why would you do it? The greatest of all times making five hundred thousand dollars. You can make that fucking. On the practice squad and the NFL. Be Low level baseball player. Why what's the go to? What's the minimum contract for baseball player? Guaranteed money to John's like guaranteed money. I'll remember that they have no benefits as well Yep something else to think about. Minimum salaries farmers sixty three, so if you're just a guy. If, you're just a guy. You make more money than John Jones. In the Major League Baseball. I'll see there's reasons for that. Baseball's much bigger, much more international Aussie bring in more money. They play more games. But again if you're stuck, athlete? How can you convince anyone? Go fight in the see. When this the way they treat the greatest fighter ever do it. If your arguments, Conor McGregor at your fucking mind. A Unicorn man after I get done with twenty plus mile bike ride. I need a nutrient..

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