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Know other other other types of nets. That's what i find interesting. Because we own a property on the southwest corner of highway two eighty seven got about what three acres there. It's just on the corner of tweety seven and four zero to fourteenth street in loveland and right across on the east side of the road. They're starting we just got the information from the city on and they're going with quite a bit of of retail space but they're adding multifamily as well as single family homes in that development as well and i'm wondering if that's going to enable them to cash flow it as far as the homes and stuff are kind of a this day and age kind of a given and businesses have come and go. I'm just surprised to see that that project starting when here. We have the prominent shops. You know going to foreclosure sale on wednesday and then somebody else is going. I can do this. And i'm going to break ground over here. So it's it's interesting how that all works out and it by we had our phone. Do you think the northern colorado. You'd think is still going to be a hotbed for growth is i. I absolutely think it will be You know we will have flips here and there there will be some some downturns here and there. We've seen it with the the energy sector in weld county. You know Did not do that well. The last couple of years but But overall i think the the economy is Diversifying you see things like lightning voters in loveland Which now has a you know. A couple hundred thousand square feet there. And a hundred hundred seventy employees. Something like that That is revitalizing helping to revitalize that old hewlett packard campus in loveline. There's there's a lot of different things that are going on right now. In the tech space An indifferent Different sectors. if you look a little more broadly than than just learner well if you bring in boulder county broomfield and elsewhere It is an extremely diverse economy So is one sector might might suffer others can can pick up the slack but we've looked at the growth numbers population numbers and It is a phenomenal growth that Especially a well county but also has seen over the past decade and. I don't see any indication that that will slow down the expectation is that That area will will grow even more More people will move in. And and that will draw. That will draw more company as well. Chris i tell you what i after talking you. I'm i enable. I i get myself into a pretty Do gloom situation. Sometimes i. you're optimistic. And i tell you wanted that optimism kind of. I'm starting to pick up on that and thank you. You know i. i sometimes scratch my head. The looks said we have a vested financial interest in in loveland and and those things happening and then our property in greeley and and so You know it's it's good to hear A little bit different perspective of of the growth in this northern colorado. 'cause i i agree with you it. It's people want to live here. It's a beautiful area. It is a beautiful era chris How do people find you on the biz west magazine. We'll caesar's way for people to get get to. You is to go to biz west dot com and all of our all of our content there and You can also anyone can email me at. He would just west dot com. I love to get story ideas and they can submit those on the website as well. Chris i appreciate you coming on board. I i have a positive attitude again. You have a great day and there may happen. Buddy thank all right. Take care all right. We're going to run out. We're going to pay some bills. We'll be back in a flash..

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