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Some today. we're back We still have forty five minutes to go. let's get some more calls in your anthony in louisiana. Hello anthony. hey how you doing. We're doing great. Thank you Good a look. Yeah i wanted to just put a little input about texas and oklahoma if you can hear me Tetris think is not going to do that. Well in scc. I think oklahoma. They'll come in and compete. You know just some opinion. what you'd think. Well i think. I think oklahoma will will slip in here very quickly and do quite well. I think ultimately texas will do what we'll do better but texas has to up its recruiting to the level of alabama oklahoma. I mean they're not that far away they just they just need to go up in class and i think ultimately they will to me without this texas who is going to continue to be mired in mediocrity but but i think the sec could potentially give them the shot in the arm that that's necessarily. Hey thanks for the call appreciate it. Jim georgia. You're on the air. Hello jim hey paul how you doing jim. We're doing great thank you man. Thanks for taking my call. A longtime viewer first-time caller. I'm glad to hear from you had a caller earlier. Speaking by georgian clinton playing we used to play all the time and hasn't great gangs back in the day. Some that i go along with long field though. If you wanna be you as a fable man pull up that Larry month and rex things kicking the ball. I remember that jeff. Kevin butler wasn't it. Well kevin butler kicked one that ranked bras the cape extra mile. Forgot that well. Yeah i mean the robbery is fantastic. And i think everyone is. I mean. forget the fact that it's one of the two of the top teams in the country but This game really ought to be back on campus. There's no hope. I hope it will be soon some is up next Go right ahead life. You're on the air. Hey miss a finebaum First time caller man Just so excited. I got a chance to come in with you. Well thank you. Just two things i wanted to say. I'm just so excited. I don't know really what to talk about. But i think we're going to Bama full-time bama fan me and my wife live here. Nor ford I think to our trouble games is gonna be ole miss and texas. All the almost game is at home. Now let's should help a little bit but you're right almost is going to be a threat to everyone this year. It's just a matter whether their defense can shore up and and quite frankly the game is circled There's not an aggie fan in the world. It's not thinking about that that afternoon. yes sir. Hey look here man. I'm just so excited to get your voice on the phone. And i watch your show every single day me and my wife and we are die hard alabama fan well license. I really appreciate your your calling. In and i hope you'll do it again and you guys Just hang in there and we can't wait for the season to get started here in a couple of days. Absolutely man have a grey week. Thank you appreciate it There was a pleasure to talk to you. Let's continue with more. Phone calls. And chris is up next in arkansas. Hi chris we're doing great. Thank you i met my question for. You aren't lsu But my question for utah coach saving. What does he do differently than than other coaches do football How does he keep winning year. In and year out with new coaches every year. What does he do differently. Well i think there are couple of things because you're right it. His his staff is always in upheaval. Because of success you know he is a a detail process oriented coach. What does that mean. That means that everything is planned out plotted down to the second. And i think the one thing he does not get credit for is his evaluation skills. He makes mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes in any sport but he makes very few and the reason why he makes so few as he is a student of the game. He's he he. He never stops looking at film he never stops evaluating and then he makes good decisions and you know again. You can afford to make better decisions when you have. The the field of players to choose from alabama does but you don't want to He i think he tries to avoid discipline issues which will upset and perhaps poison his team and i think ultimately success builds on top success but but he has always said. His success is coming prime primarily from the process. He hasn't laid out he doesn't deviate and then the execution comes after that. Right right well. I appreciate apollo more fine. How do you think. Lsu's going to do this year With i know there's big talk so going back to the toy nineteen year which is as we all know. There's a long shot vallis you family like to see. How do you think they're going to stack up in the sec. Quite well i'm pretty high on lsu. And i mean the first game makes me a little uncomfortable because you for this reason. Ucla we'll have one game under their belt. And that's that is a tremendous advantage in college football because so few teams get that job because we don't you know week zero is is not something we do very much with major games. Ucla hawaii this week. I'm really interested in that game. But other than that i think. Lsu has a really good chance of a big year. if i looked at the schedule Which we are looking at. I think as a little tricky just because of where it sits. I just notice a kentucky game. You can't go to kentucky without expecting difficulty. Florida at home is a real advantage. I mean all misses a little troublesome to on the road and alabama. I look at. I look at lsu schedule. I like the fact that am is at home but they have some sneaky. Tricky games on the road which which made me a little bit concern but having having talked myself into the concern. I'm going to talk myself out of it. As long as max johnson stays healthy. I think they have a really good chance of contending if he if he goes down. It's over There's there's no like there's no turning around thanks for the call to sheet it. Hairy in louisville is up. Next harry pile. We're doing great thank you. I wanted to talk to you about the kind football. That's what i wanna talk to you about. Of course like the idea. I don't like to add their Princeton clemson they don't play by the boss. Let me being the playoff every year. Because they don't play but now eight on your home is in there without me. Alabama might not even come out normal. You know what i'm saying. Well you're you're you're right And the one thing about clemson you have to give them credit for their record against the big teams are is fantastic. Especially the sec. But there are some theories about. Why are they so successful in these big games and you just laid it out. They play a pathetically easy schedule. They don't incur as many injuries as other schools. Do because of the competition and they skate I'm thinking about clemson's losses over the years. They've had a couple of Inexplicable losses like to syracuse or or pittsburgh. But but i mean this year i mean. Let's let's move the georgia game aside because we all know about that. South carolina state georgia tech at nc state. I mean that's a tough game in the acc. Boston college terrible..

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