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We have clouds right now now on 84 in DC. Good afternoon. I'm Shawn Anderson and I'm Anne Kramer. Our top story this afternoon, remembering the lives lost in a nation forever changed 22 years ago. Ceremonies held in New York City, Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and in Arlington to mark the terrorist attacks. WTOP's Neil Augenstein covered the story for us in the moments after flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon that A day. Some indication of a fire and smoke at the Pentagon right now. WTOP is Neil Neil, are you, can you tell us what you see at the Pentagon now? Can you hear me? Yes, I can. Neil Augenstein, you're live on the air. Tell us what you see at the Pentagon. Okay, I'm standing right on 395, by the boundary channel drive exit, looking across to the Pentagon, seeing heavy, heavy smoke. Now today, Neil at looks future plans to commemorate that tragic event. Here at Arlington National Cemetery is where the 9 11 Pentagon Memorial Visitor Education Center will eventually be built. It's inside within of where the plane crashed 22 years ago. This morning, this is a work zone. The cemeteries being expanded to add 60 ,000 burial sites. If you've driven around here recently you know, Columbia Pike is being realigned. The vision of this education center will to be focus on how America responded and moved forward. Organizers say it's the final chapter after needed to truly understand September 11. Outside Arlington National Cemetery, Neil Ogenstein, WTLP News. I'm Luke Luker, Greg H. Wood, U .S. Navy, Sergeant Major Larry L. Strickland, U .S. Army, Sandra L. White, Prince William County Board Chair Anne Wheeler reading the names of the 22 residents who lost their lives at the Pentagon. The backdrop a memorial made with steel beams from the World Trade Center and an American flag flying between two fire trucks. 22 of our residents lost that day more than any other region in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Don Armstrong with Combat Veterans Association Motorcycle never misses the ceremony. We can't forget ever and we want to sure make they remember the ones who lost their lives. In Prince William County, Luke Luker, WTOP

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