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Has been the class leading engine package. Let's look at the car multi job. James Allison the technical from site. He said it's about executing the same concepts as his predecessors. But he say talks about it being further refined pushing every item so the limit. So it's all about the GRA of marginal gains of a working working cau- if you like they know the package fundamentally works, and if I can do that in harness with improving the engine a bet on the rates management problem being being cycled up shut up. So a good step. So what do you see on the co? Well, I. We can see that the wheelbase is very much COPA insights to what it was the full in Las t cars. Same kind of Ray Keith using it too much because they've got this long wheelbase where they can just extract the maximum throughout the length of the car, which I've always been very clear about the highlight guest, horseback, visible and some other calls, but yeah, it's not just you high rightly car in sub nasal much you have to a lot of knock-on effects in doing that. So that's positive you would Cy state with a similar platform. Yeah. Definitely. And especially on a long wheelbase cars while you don't wanna run too, much rake or otherwise going risk having a massive amount of detachment of the bottom of the floor. And then suddenly the fees is not working. So something teams to Kathleen Munnich Mercedes just done this to perfection over the last couple of years. I mean from a technical standpoint, they have just essentially this so confident with what they've got that. They've walks out off the bat and said, okay this. Car. Look how complicated the barge boards. Are look how tight the packaging is offering wing. We've come up with a very different design in front wing. So that incredibly confident as I say, what's really strange about this front wing is the end plates in wash in and that seems really counterproductive especially compared to everybody else is doing trying to clear as much out worship possible and say these just looking Riley onwards, everybody else thinking, yet will we've go this particular concept what I think that doing is somehow just allowing all of his athletes just compress up and then spill out with greater energy around the front ties..

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