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You know that ten thousand now is theory about genetic eml comply will attend the project as an hours into something you become an ex yeah and and i am not tightly believe in on a think look at the live aspects of it has become what it is because the amount of hours after israel just like playing too yeah no not even playing good gigs like i was playing a herman reply go scout one nine one turned up few a whole number of you play that you played a girl scout gig yet apply to goes scout was the latest geico played a plates at all played in a bingo whole inec collection on see we'd like to old women in the audience that were trying to play bingo ally all of those times like that so good experience in i had so like it it it will leads to where i am now and she says look at where he is now no more girl scout gigs for the best of cue that was tom power in conversation with singersongwriter ed sheeran ed scooped up to grammy nominations for his latest album divide and for you sheeran super fans out there you may recall that he had a small role on game of thrones as a bard pleased many people and that also upset many people come sums up 2017 in a nutshell right there that is it for today's podcast of hugh thanks again for tuning in tomorrow we'll have an interview with one of the top singersongwriter's in country music jason is bell you can find us online at cdc dot c a slash q on twitter cbc radio q facebook execute on cbc radio and on instagram at cb sikh you we really should standardize all these things you can follow me at at stand up alley and ali hassan see again tomorrow.

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