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So you can watch us to check us out at talkin pets radio. No g in the talking, by the way. I wanna welcome to the program right now. A very special guest you use the expert and trainer. His name is Travis Brorsson. He is the host of an all new series premiering on Saturday September thirtieth at ten pm eastern Pacific time on none other than animal planet, and I want to welcome on Travis to the show eight Travis how you doing? Hey, john. Thanks for having me. It's great to have you on the program with this. I want to introduce you to daisy. And Karen here in the studio how you doing daisy. I Karen, he got the names, right? You're good. That's right. You say right before. And I repeat it and it sticks with me. I like that. Yeah. You see? That's that's the way you gotta learn. I mean, nobody really gets a name on the first try. It's like the second time around you got usually. But then if you keep repeating it in your head to three times, and it's like it sticks. It is a little tougher though. The older. Yeah. I wanna find out about this show because it's called my big fat pet makeover. And that is the title of the program is this your first season this season one. Yeah, we're really excited about it. You know, a lot of people here the title and right away. They think oh my gosh. There's all these overweight best, and why don't they just feed them less and exercise more. And if it was if it was that easy. You know, I wouldn't have a job. So there's a lot more to it. And I'm sure daisy and Karen can chime in on that. But yeah, we're really excited. I gotta ask you right off the bat your opinion on this question because people will say it's a myth or not. But if you have an overweight. Parents do the pets normally become overweight as well. You would be surprised that there are a lot of similarities, and it did happen on the show and believe it or not as they been Karen can probably back me up on this because it's a complete lifestyle. Change many of the owners actually lost weight with their pets. I believe it. Yeah. I do too. Actually. I mean, if you're working on the petulance, wait. There's no reason why the owner lose weight as well. I use it. Also, according to what I understand the US pet, overweight and obesity rate for dogs and cats in this country is like more than fifty percent. Is that true? That's right. Yeah. We're looking at people around fifty four percent for dogs, which is somewhere around the ballpark of like forty one point nine million in America when you think of dogs, and if you put forty one million dogs in one place, it would really blow your mind, and then we're looking at somewhere around fifty eight fifty nine percent of cat. So what do you think it is Travis? I mean. Is it that people just overfeed over supplement over treat? What what's your, you know, there's really three things that happen with at owners when it comes to their overweight or obese fast. And you know, the first thing is we have owners that think it's cute, you know, and that's unfortunate. But they get a lot of people coming up to my gosh. You're so cute. They're so cute. They get a lot of attention for it. You know, the second one is a lot of owners are in denial. You know, they deny that their pet is because they show so much love through giving their pets food. And then the third one is we we have a lot of fed owners that just don't know if they're bed is overweight or not, you know, whether it's they don't do regular visits at the vet for their best to let them know. Or they just don't know what. An overpay overweight that really looks like so between those three things most people with an overweight or over wet, overweight, but fall somewhere in those three categories. You know, it's funny because if you go onto YouTube, and you watch any of the YouTube videos on fat pets, they're probably one of the most popular. And when I was watching your trailer earlier, I saw this cat trying to get through a cat door. It made it barely. But those are the things. I mean, people do laugh about it. And but the thing is it is a serious thing. Because of the fact that like you even say on your show. It does cause things like high blood pressure and pets and diabetes and heart failure. It does you know, and even add to that list, everything from arthritis to joint issues, osteoarthritis joint problems. And and to some of the owners credit is not all caused by the owners, there are some medical conditions, hypothyroidism, our medical conditions that can cause it. But at the same time, it's it's a responsibility, you know, for the owners to figure out what the pro is causing the problem. Whether it's never medical and to help the pets. You know, get get fixed up, you know, it's it's up to us. They can't do it themselves. That's very true. I mean, it's it's not, you know, it's an interesting interesting premise with cats actually, I don't have any dogs right now. I have two cats two chickens and two parents. And the parents seem to be quite well, you know, they look like they work out. So so the the chickens I mean, they see my cats on hand tend to I mean is it because we're going into the winter now, but they seem to have a little flabby underneath them is that normal. Well. You know, I I mean, hey, you're falling into fifty nine percents of cats if they're floppy. So if you're looking at Satistics, you're you're with the normal. I notice the normal. It's always the most healthiest. I think that's because they're a higher percentage. It's because we do have a harder time finding ways to not just motivate cats. But I think we also have this kind of stigma of you know, cats are just lazy and they're independent, and they don't want to do a lot of things. But again, you know, this show is all about helping owners find ways to engage their pets and fun activities that will get a moving, and I think that's what makes this show. So great is that you don't need me in your home to do it. You can watch the show and go. Oh, wow. I can do that at home. And that's one of the reasons we're so excited, you know, about my big fat that makeover will soon people may prefer based on what I saw on the trailer have you in their home, especially. The women out there. Well, that's very kind of you. That's very kind of you know. Hey, I if that's what it takes to save these John signed via signed me. All right. Don't go away. We'll be right back you and take a little break. We're gonna come back with Travis where we're speaking. With Travers for arson. He is routing trainer. He's hosting all new series premiering on Saturday September thirtieth on animal planet, and that's at ten pm eastern Pacific time. 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