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Car. The resolution condemning Israel to boycott divest sanction resolution. Thank you, all those polls. The Democrats socialists of America. Of which Alexandria across your Cortes is a member Ray is in San Bernardino, California. Ray you're on the Larry elder show. Thank you so much for calling. Great. Greetings. So, you know, hard core brass tacks reality. What would it take? Or why wouldn't you? Go ahead and get I don't I don't think it's because you hear it would be waste your time. And you couldn't get elected. I think we're past that, I think it's a doable thing. Well, Ray, I appreciate the confidence. You have in me. I appreciate the feeling that you feel that. I could I could win why to run for president. I got to tell you something. Maybe I haven't told you this before my friend, professor Tim grows flows who teaches now at George Mason used to teach at UCLA and before the two thousand sixteen race occurred. Well before he called me to his house. I didn't know what the meeting was about. And he had all these charts and reports and told me I should run for president. And then I could win. I said I couldn't run for Senate in California and get elected. He said, yeah. But you get in the country. Here's why he talked about the possibility that a a working class approach could even win states like Pennsylvania, like Michigan, Wisconsin. And I said are you serious? And I'm telling you the formula that he outlined for larryelder to become president is exactly what. President Trump followed. He did not foreclose state like Michigan did not foreclose states like Wisconsin. The so called blue wall that intimidated, so many Republicans from relief seriously campaigning. He didn't do that. And professor close close felt that there was a great deal of dissatisfaction in the country because of Obama's policies and that somebody with a business oriented policy who believe in low taxes. Could win. Who believe in doing something about illegal immigration could win? And I said somebody who's never even run for office before. And he said, yes. Well, President Trump never ran for office before. Oh, the difference is I think he had about three billion dollars more than I have. Anyway, thank you very much for that. I really do. Appreciate it. Now getting back to Howard Schultz. Howard Schultz is not running as a democrat because Alexandria or Cortez's policies. One of which is Medicare for all Dr Ezekiel Emanuel with one of the founders of ObamaCare, and he claims Medicare for all wooden costs anymore than our current healthcare spending. These campaign promises about Medicare for all are they in your belief deliverable by these candidates. Shall there is a Medicare for all that is deliver a ball? And that's not a huge decks to use the part of Medicare that uses private insurance companies Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage and people an increasing number of elderly actually liked that proposal they the government page the premium to a private insurance company and people select which private insurance company. They want isn't Medicare already underfunded. A lot of people are imagining. Well, you could have that system keep some role for the private insurance company and let people choose between five and insurance company and the government program as a sort of public option, and that actually looks I think politically more feasible. I believe that if Iran as a democrat, I would have to say things that I know in my heart. I do not believe, and I would have to be disingenuous for example. What the progressive left leaning Democratic Party is suggesting is government paid health care for everyone. Which is free government job free for everyone and government paid college for everyone. I was a supporter and Amazon supporter of the Affordable Care Act, which I think can be improved and enhanced so that the premiums come down for families. But if you tally up those three programs over a ten year period, it's approximately forty trillion dollars. But but he's Zeke Emanuel says it wouldn't be any more expensive than the current system that we have right now. So why not do it? Meg said this about relief factor. I've been using relief factor for a little bit over a month. Thirty four year old woman that has been in a car accident, I suffered from severe neck pain shooting pain, down my arms and legs would often cause me to lend at one point. I was going.

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