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News Radio seven hundred one five point nine FM where the forecast of this national flu shot week. In fact, we'll have more on flu shots coming up here momentarily. Cloudy, a cold day today, high thirty-three, no son, again, we've had very little son. So far this month, maybe some sun tomorrow. But not today says AccuWeather thirty at O'Hare and the lakefront thirty one at midway thirty at Bedford park going up to thirty three WBZ news time, eight twenty one. Our top story this hour. It's an historic day for educators around the country as teachers at fifteen no Cerro charter schools in Chicago, go on strike. It's the first work stoppage involving the charter network about seventy five hundred students are affected will have much more undis- story coming up at eight thirty one. This is national influence of vaccination. We don't always public health director says it is vital to get a flu shot after new RAF. Shaw's is healthy. People may not suffer serious illness from the flu, but they can't pass the virus babies underdeveloped immune systems that also to people who have chronic illnesses. The centers for disease control and prevention estimates, the flu cost nearly seventy nine thousand deaths. Fifty million flu illnesses and nine hundred sixty thousand hospitalizations between last year and this year, Keith Johnson, NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM. Search efforts resumed today for missing Lincoln woman. A Chicago fire department divers searched north shore channel along the thirty two hundred block of west Peterson last night. After the woman cellphone was traced to that location. The search effort was called off due to strong current and darkness. Prince Charles plans to ten tomorrow for president George H W Bush, the prince will be representing his mother Queen. Elizabeth the second who over the weekend called the forty first president patriots serving his country with honor and distinction in office. And during the second World War. Dupage county officially has a new sheriff James Minarik was sworn in last night as the thirty fourth sheriff of the west suburban county Mandaric defeated democrat, Gregory Waylon in last month's election. He replaces longtime sheriff Johnson rubel who retired after more than two decades in office. Dr Laura on trade deal doubts on a nervous bond market. Lynn..

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