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For the hitter to get back in the box. Not supposed to snap out. No foul. Ball the ball in play the one to strike three seventeen strikeouts for Chris sale becomes the first pitcher in baseball history with seventeen strikeouts in start of no more than seven innings, but they don't win the game. They wind up falling in eleven five to four Mark Reynolds to go at RBI single Red Sox twenty two and twenty after the lost the raised it win. All right over the let's play over on the game fan. So it was Tampa who draws flies in Miami. Where they draw flies because they've got no one there except for Castro, essentially, I'm going to give you an ova on of five thousand five hundred fans in my say. Under say it's in the force than the twos. It's not well, I don't know how many people were actually there. But the paid attendance was six thousand thirty six. I mean is now I mean is really even worse than you thought. They were tickets on stub yesterday for four dollars. The twins. It's free and get some concessions. Yes. Seriously, pay for parking concessions something. Anyway, the raise did win the game though, they pick up a half game on the Yankees or move had further. Like, I don't know the Dominican or something go somewhere where people would be interested or like on the moon in zero gravity. That's something never been done. Tigers baseball team should be like the international game. Go play in London or something as jobs over the Tigers eleven four Houston's won seven straight. Bruins beat the hurricanes to one commending three oh series there in the east game three in the west blues and shark series tied at one one and Mike remers sign with the New York Giants. Thank you, Jerry..

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