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About. CPI like as opposed to. Show him your watch. I got this nice rose. Gold with leather straps more of a classic classic look less modern very comfortable good excellent we ABC's can handle. The hard weather should be an issue right now wearing the in the in the warmth last week as well yes. It's so it's a wash for all seasons and it's and it looks really nice by the way it's just a nice stylish looking just step it up a little bit. MVP MT DOT com slash. Kirk M I am the MT DOT com slash Kirk your most stress-free Valentine's Day gifting yet. which is what a week from? Friday's right yeah envy. EMT DOT com slash. Carter right now get fifteen percent off and do it to day tell Kirkman show such. I think we did OK yesterday. The Wilbur Steve Real quick yes I think we did. I think we can envision vision how the show is going to go. I think it's it's looking more and more real. When you stand up on that stays little? Surreal Mike so you walk in there so we went up. We very briefly spoke to. I forget the woman's shoes very nice. Taylor Taylor very nice who showed US walked up on the stage. It is funny you walk. Then you walk up on the stage and you're standing on the stage and you look in those seats. It's some massive. Of course it's an older intimate place. You're like Holy Shit big. Yeah I've been yet in the first few rows of seating and it just looking better standing on that stage like Oh my God. We're going to be doing this. This place is going to be full of its bizarre. I was glad I was next. It'll be very unnerving arrangement there you were doing. God's work at the task you're trying to roll under a trump resting passing wally wally but it was funny actually got the butterfly to go. My God we're going to be doing this. Why even fun of these people that you not not that far away either closer than you think? Don't matter Wasco five months for something like that. We're trying to figure out you know the configuration the show and stuff are technics pyrotechnics. That's true But it sounds like my guess will do a somewhat. I mean not like rehearsal rehearsal rehearsal. We're GONNA debate some musical a walk-through sort of music involved too. So I think they're gonNA WANNA do stuff. It's not going to sit there and you know you can even do your stand up. I if you I wanNA hear it but you're right give a little test run okay With some the show stuff there I think that after we all know maybe then after noon I think we're going to get a rehearsal in advance of the day of advanced advanced. Okay Yeah I saw. We walked in and said no cell phones or pictures or video allowed by the audience would definitely be following broken the Chapelle thing and have them lock their phones or whatever yeah with Davidson do Davidson. Has You signed a non that million dollars for a million dollars vengeance. We've got a million dollars each person. They're great better. BARSTOOL would be impressed by the revenue that's true So walk me through this so we now so a week from today. The tickets go on sale. Get your very clear schedules. What is the AH? I saw some concern as always you can't win. People are concerned about this meet-and-greet yes a real cash. Grab I don't really WANNA participate if it's gross host thing. Well all your is traditionally what people have done at the Wilbur is. There's two hundred seats that are set aside as the premium seats there on the ground floor the closest assist and the other people say if you buy those more expensive tickets then you get a meet and greet afterwards as people were filing out. The three does not act charging the extra money. We're charging any extra money but the people who buy the more expensive tickets get the meet and greet because if you're if you're going to stick around and meet all eleven hundred people who we'll go to it that becomes a long long thing and by the end of the night I mean it's like midnight in your. They're shaken hands with the last person who's leaving. So we limit the number of people who actually at the meet and greet to the the people who buy the. I guess you can go on the first class. Tickets the people who act the quickest and buy the tickets for the chance to get an autograph from you or something separate from that. We've also discussed doing some kind and of I'm more comfortable with this doings abandoned after event but we need to find a bar or right. We're not going to charge. WE'RE NOT GONNA charge people for that either. I think that's what we've decided yes S.. We're not gonNA do that now. We're not doing that so yeah so you know if you go get whatever ticket you want you WANNA get the most expensive one finding to me this after fine but if not no big deal but we're going to sell this place so fast so I I get. I get moving quick on. I tell you my first reaction when I was looking at. It was an thousand seats is not always know. It's big but it's not crazy it's very very it's an intimate place like the I I will say is definitely not a bad seat there. Oh yeah especially for a show like this where it's like. Yeah it's not. Yes if you're if you're you know up in the balcony is not bad abnormal at all. Had many comedies. From up there. Yeah you can hear it fine. Good old Place and it's going to be anyway giving them something different than that place usually gets. Let's anything I've seen a couple of podcast in my dad wrote a porno guys. Are there and somebody else doing podcasts. There as well but for those. I'm not really sure if they do. I curious I don't know how we're never listen to that podcast but I generally I successfully. Yeah generally like that. Yeah is it. Good no no. I don't know but I think they do in your pocket. It's just an episode right but it's yeah which is obviously what we're talking to do but that's okay like I you know I'd say Saturday night will be a little more traditional. We my guess a regular episodes of goofy stuff. Yeah but this is going to be Mike. Steve Steve navarri throw in. Some ideas is going to be much different than that. Like you'll never get. You will never get an experience like this ever again. That's the biggest ever for our show. Ever so so snoop Dogg had two stripper poles on side of the state. We'll have three think we're going to. I don't think we're going to have that unless Mike's mom is you know that's I'm just trying to just trying to mob be willing to do that. She might okay if your mom is willing to strip on the poll. That would certainly help the seats. I ask. Yeah it's reasonable Ashur task. What's the worst thing she might say? No but you might say yes right right. That's the thing there's no harm in brainstorm as you said yes. She's a Gary. I like the show. I'll do it secretly. She's been taking exercise pole dancing classes. She's off off the hook ally lately. I know look for forever so that was another one by speaking of pole dancing. I that asshole Charlie Kirk again. I don't know this is GonNa be riled up what are we doing. Jesus he was like Jerry. Show here ex boy the NFL really take that stupid. Those Ladies Pole dancing so dumb like you can't you really can't have it both ways. Just Lea so what so. They danced around by a choice gunpoint. Also who cares like what really happens your hair down. Charlie anybody's really that hyper sexualizing. I mean young girls watching it like I'm going to do that one day. Well they are being sexualize but I do choice. Yeah they're they're also really attractive winning this guy equated to the the NFL. I felt they're cracking down on sex trafficking. What does this well not sex traffic? I also think it was like a Colombian incestual dance or something like that. So there are elements of secures culture culture in it. It was Miami. I also local right. I mean it's not that I don't know I I didn't either the the. That's that's totally riled. Up Tola reach. What else we get? Steve we've got a little bit of your Buddy Jim Florentine. Oh is he back yesterday or did you see the promo that they tweeted out I. I did see they've discovered the jump cut. They have they have. They've discovered the jump cuts so no positive. You know what the jump cut his Mike where they they clip out the silences but the cuts abruptly one side of the other. So they're cutting out all the silences which really ruined bad. Yes of the PROMOS. That's the Promo is the pros that they're tweeting tweeting out so now they're spicing up by putting like hearing this. They're putting in screen shots of like a facebook page when he's talking about a facebook page. Okay so it cuts all around around you. You Miss the Nice juicy pauses disappointed. But I'm told that he's He's a palatable. Listen if you do it onto X. I can't believe the the game I suggested on Mike and the fans the other night as I said what you should do is scroll through because I was looking for something specific so just doing thirty seconds skip ahead skip ahead skip ahead. It's funny Rosen. Yuck like that all right So he's This is a new one for him. He's talking about out Facebook you really at this point especially with this year coming up in this election how nuts it's going to be this is a good time to just Kinda Get rid of your facebook page or just lock it down and you can't see anybody else's post or whatever if you just WanNa you know. Post your pictures of your kids. You know just simple stuff like that but it's just going to be insane. You'RE GONNA have one friend that's on one side and the other on the other side it's just GonNa be craziness and besides it's like everybody. That's all all they're doing audio's good there. What competing? Oh you know they see. Somebody's getting some attention on some posts and the Nega try to get attention oppose of they don't they. I feel bad. It just makes you feel bad most at a time. Why do I have five hundred? Seventy three friends only have two eighty seven. How come this guy hasn't take us every time it's so weird because that's what's interesting about? Oh No it's been three days as he mad at me. It's all ish yet. It's just unnecessary drama in your life it really is..

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