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The trade trolley airbus learn more at ice after philly dot com slash safety rob cherry flyers orleans this afternoon south philadelphia kyw's ed benkin with the leaves dead oh rob forty one point two seconds to go in period number water the flyers hold on one nothing lead over the oilers the goal came on the only man advantage of the sobriquet just 336 it as larger netted his fifth goal of the season shake got got the start of the shop the white severed redirected it to jerusalem what a pass camp talbott it the first of all the other that the flyers defensively played very well they all the oilers to six shots while the fires of at now i got what other opportunities fires at bat read back in the light up today but kept abbas been able to stop the rest buyers get extra pressure at everton here the final seconds of the period twenty five seconds accounting the fires leave the oilers onenothing nothing the center i'm ed benkin kyw newsradio such as an raptors in toronto tonight joel embiid will not place the first backtoback situation the season such as owed to after last night's loss the home opener the boston ben simmons still sees a silver lining although service however illegals practices morning london at football's at the lake against c3 into washington redskins they play some good teams you know and you gotta get a gauge out where they are as far as you know who they play they place the team that's branded graham eagles five one best record in the nfl the college football score sponsored by amber fireplace in patio scorn and fireplace the season enjoy full football in comfort online damper fireplace.

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