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Bills with a high hold sets. Ready fires plate word and the queen takes up in a way. One ball and two strikes Mill 66 this year 4.25 e R A is making his 28th appearance. He has pitched quite a bit in relief this year. This is his 16th start, though. Logging better than 95 innings while striking out 71 walking 25. Pills. Ready at the belt to the plate the 12 pitch and make one again. Fouls it back. Mills has faced the Reds quite a few times over his career, mentioned that he's made two starts against Cincinnati This year. He's open to pitched once in relief. 5.68 e. R. A against the Reds here in 2021 overall 32 against Cincinnati. 3.77 e R. A Had to face him 10 times prior to tonight, very familiar with Alec Mills. Right handers home with 12 pitch. And again fouled back by Nick, One of the battle continues. You may remember this about Alec Mills. He will throw probably the slowest pitch other than maybe a position player that the Reds will see all year long. He's got in his arsenal. One of these real slow 65 66 mile an hour curve balls. You always wonder in the back of your mind? Are you the guy that's going to get that one? Not to mention that his fastball doesn't exactly break the radar gun either. One ball two strikes, Mills again sets ready and the pitch swinging a foul ball back to the backstop. Still the ball in two strikes but when you throw slower than slow It kind of makes that fastball play up just a little bit. You know, I'm wondering, Tommy. What Hitting speed is nowadays you know, there is a theory that you can throw above hitting speed or below hitting speed, but not in between. We've seen guys turn around fastballs at 98 Miles an hour, so I'm not sure if pitcher can throw one hard enough anymore for these guys. Bills gets the sign again from Contreras, who sets up high on the inside corner and Quinn swings. One hop liner in the whole glove by the third baseman played a second in time back to first. Not in time, find play by. Actually, that was Sergio Alcantara staying home at short to make that play. And he made the feed to Patrick Wisdom, the third baseman at the bag. So that will go as a 65 fielder's choice to get India at second base. That is the second night in a row that our Contra takes a base hit away from Tyler and make one same spot. Had.

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