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And their tracks that are tracks that they that they should be going to and heck you wanna shake up the schedule go to gateway this year Dogo the year after that. And then go back to your after that. So the fans really want it back, you know, rotate races cut down the schedule do one only one at any given track. And then rotate them out sometimes change things up then people are going to want to come out because they don't know if they're gonna get it again, and they'll get real excited about it. Yeah. I mean. You have to make people want it, and you and you can't keep going to the same thing all the time and people take it for granted. The only way you're gonna expand. Nascar's if you put it in different tracks, you put it in different areas. But at different times of the year, they say they to be like other sports every other major sticking ball sport has expansion. Why did have expansion give different cities teams move to different cities? Why they wanna get new fans in different cities. So I also think one of the things here sorry to cut you off though is is that you look at talk about the expansion deal and stuff like that. I mean, people just get sick of it. Now, it's not fun anymore. And we have to trace back what killed the fun. What killed NASCAR? What did kill the funding NASCAR? I'm not quite or that. That's something. We should do in the off season doing investigative report. Come how things dropped off so heavily. Yeah. I don't know if they're actually. Is anything different in terms of the drivers in the tracks? Or if it's just, you know, the conglomeration of all these rules coming together in these more and more ridiculous efforts to have the the magic bullet. That's save the sport, and it all just kind of seems like terribly gimmicky, and it makes you not wanna watch anymore. Type of thing. I don't know. I don't know what the real interest. We should talk about that in the off season. Yeah. Not gonna have anything else to do sponsorship. Exactly. And as we can see from this week show. There's not a lot of news talk about on a weekly basis. So let's let's move on to some of the drivers stuff. David Ragan, by the way. He said last week that he fully expects to be back with front row next year. But he doesn't know if he's going to be or not and the fact that he says he wants to be back with front row doesn't necessarily mean bay agree with him on that. They said all along that they were gonna shake things up and they haven't really done yet. Do you think there's a chance that Reagan might not make it past this year? I think that at this point who are they going to get that the kind of have to go with him to stay with them. I mean, he's been the guy you screwed over many times for you. Yeah. Yeah. There's not much else to get out there. Unless you want to start bringing up one of those young kids who who is the other guys depended those going no J tvos going to JT. No, he's going to what's the J. GR guys are now vine family. Oh, that's right. That's right. It took a while. Yeah. They signed somebody though who was your second driver for an extra. I can't remember arro-. Yeah. Didn't they this part of their big shakeup? They go out and get like, and they recite no didn't didn't re-signed Bush. That was JT that recent. Michael McDowell that was their beg. Yeah. That's it. That's Michael McDowell thing Michael big..

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