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What's next at about dot f b dot com slash regulations. Graphic updates every 10 minutes on the force and the Dubin law group traffic centers where we find here in Jordan, we've been finding some roadwork in Seattle on south and I five near the West Seattle Bridge, blocking two right lanes. I'm now hearing that it's wrapped up, so I'm going to wait and see about that. I still have been able to find it on a camera shot. I can tell you, though, that the backup it's extending north of Mercer. So we still have a heavy drive that you need to work your way through. North. But life has been busy through Tacoma City Center in Seattle were slow from Michigan to Seneca Expect, often on slowing on the Valley Freeway out of some learned into Pacific north around four or five is heavy from 167 to about sunset. And then we deal with lighter, slowing into and through Newcastle both directions of four or five with some hesitation around I 90 and you'll also be tapping that brake pedal on south four or five out of the Newcastle area. I've been seeing these growing volumes on east on Highway 18 as you're approaching the Tiger Mountain summit. At this point, it seems to be slowing it down for almost two miles, and it's roadwork that's backing up Western. I 90 a bit west of highway 18. This traffic report is sponsored by Discover want to hear something amazing Discover matches all the cash back you earn on your credit card at the end of your first year. Learn more at discover dot com slash match Limitations Apply our next Cuomo traffic at 10 34. The clouds giving way to some partial clearing this afternoon highs of about 75 today, mostly sunny by tomorrow afternoon and about an 80 degree high end and mid eighties for Saturday and Sunday will stay..

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