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Me. I I I am saying I ain't I ain't got him holiday. Jane argument. I promise me as I'm loud. I understand. But. You have you got insurance in car, right? And you got to have a steady drought is man. I mean, no problem. Clause every day. I just can't greenback. Call. She sounds like she's just a fairly reasonable other than the couple swears in their thanks. Jozy do you watch the show southern charm? I do you do I do what is it sat on its own? Bravo. Oh, it's this group of friends from South Carolina that, you know, drink, and they're rich, they're rich. Well, most of them are old money. Well, this guy Shep rose, you familiar is. He one of the stars. Uh-huh. I like channel. All right, so badly want your drama. Stay shouted. So really rooting for you guys. I think it would be so great human is absolutely watch that. Oh my God. Are you kidding me? I'm already fascinated drama. Stay leading up to it. So ship rose. I was like maybe use that noses reality show guy. So this seems like par for the course, you're saying they do a lot of drinking on the show. And then why it's just like the housewives, but am dating like chef is known for being a Peter Pan lives off his family's money. How old he dates a lot? He loved her two young probably in his early thirty s. All right. Well, let he do. He was at a let's see the Players Championship. TPC sawgrass in Ponte, Vedra Beach, Florida. So he had a an incredible view of the seventeenth hole from his VIP tent. Good for him. And it looks like they have these tents set up all along the course. So that, you know, the people who are rich can decide what have you with a great view up above everybody else because you can see this huge crowds just all around the rest of the greens. But he's up high. So we started drinking, and that's what happened did he fall? He just was belligerent. And I guess you wouldn't shut the F up. And then he was standing up dancing and people like we're trying to watch. We're trying to watch this can you please stop dancing, and he couldn't. They say he was belligerent and pestering people. Then there's dancing in the blocking of the view some woman working the event ship to leave. But he said, no not leaving. And that's when the deputies stepped in. They did manage to get them out without a big incidents or anything. But so was he arrested? He wasn't in fact, they just got him out of the tent and then let him go. So he could just go be amongst the commoners common folk where they're they're a little more open to the wasted. Dude. I guess. So I don't know if you left or not, but he was kicked out of the town. I'm sure they'll be. There's people were taking cellphone video anyway. But I would think that that would make the show wouldn't it? Well, you know, a couple of them have are under investigation for sexual harassment lovely. Yeah. Couple dudes on the show one of them. Why really liked to actually was on my man. Wow. Oh, no. Yeah. From the southern charm charm show made your man wa I had no idea. Yeah. We need to keep a more careful look at who's on that wall. Everyone down. Because most of them, I don't even like them anymore. Crush on them anymore. It's funny. You had quite a large wall. Therefore, then all of a sudden one day, it was gone. Yeah. Marilyn Manson is gonna put out a new illness. Here it looks like he confirmed via Instagram. He's was on his way to see shooter Jennings to finish out recording his next album. Super.

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