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Suitcase through Cancun International Airport, heading home where protesters were gathered outside, demanding cruise resigned to go slide toe warmer weather When people are freezing in their homes, she was exactly how out of touch he is. People are dying. Who's then sitting down for an interview with our Houston station KTRK. I don't like this being used as a distraction from the real issues, but it wouldn't be a distraction. If you'd stayed here and said these same things, right right and gotten out in the streets. I die agree the angry hater screaming resign. Think that is a sad sign of where we are. I don't do that to other people. But cruises past criticism of Democratic rivals is now back in the spotlight in 1, December tweet attacking Austin Mayor Steve Adler and other Democrats for traveling while telling constituents to stay home. Cruz called them hypocrites complete and utter hypocrites. ABC is Trevor ALTs E one of the top 10 50 propel insurance business Update time. Responding to strong exports and U. S economic recovery, farmers will plant 92 million acres of corn in 90 million acres of soybeans this spring. Pointing to a record soybean crop and possibly the largest corn harvest ever. Plantings of corn and soybeans would be 5% larger than last year. The USDA says farm exports would be a record $157 billion this year. Visor is requesting a regulatory change to the storage requirements for the covert 19 vaccine it developed with Brian Tech companies say they have new data showing the vaccine is still stable when stored in pharmaceutical freezers and refrigerators for up to two weeks between the temperatures of negative 13 F and 5 F. Right now, The vaccine must be stored in temperatures below negative. 76 F. That's your money now were mixed on Wall Street. The Dow still up 49. The NASDAQ's jumped back up to 18.5 points into positive territory that s and P 500 down one and a quarter mattress firms.

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