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Talk I hope for their sake none of those writers felt lucky in terms of lucky thinking they were gonna be lucky enough to survive Polk County yeah it turns out that inspector Harry Callahan retired from San Francisco and moved to Polk County Florida it would seem in addition to that just one other note on the protesters and the writers and they're two different categories as I'm going to continue repeating so on the writers here because over the weekend it was white supremacists Russian agents the drug cartel lists that's something else the governor wall said in Minnesota and Hennepin county we've got some arrest data received by jail these are the numbers but the give you sense this is the second current with Tim walls the governor they're saying it was in a white supremacist drug car Teles and he did say Russian agents but Susan rice that so yeah might as well throw them in Minnesota residents fifty six Illinois three Arkansas one Missouri one ia one Florida one Michigan one well boy there sure are a lot of white supremacist drug car Teles and Russian agents in Minnesota what a way to transparently put ill hunt Omar in in Congress in the house such a joke so dishonest yes they're organized agitators in there those coming in from outside and there's also some indigenous individuals in these cities and states who are taking the opportunity or part of one of these far left groups that.

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