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Yeah so you're left with a guy that's dragging baggage around. That's not gonna work. Did you see the picture so unite because we do an enormous of prep-work work on the rain. Greg's podcast right so so. We have a conference call on sunday evening. We push away from our families because we're committed in. We're trying to put together. It matters to us. We take it very serious. And one of the main topics of conversation was counties. Van tastic pork chops. And i was talking to you about the ribs. And i've sent a picture you've seen my ribs. They were all. He's mum's god. Bless her soul hazel hildebrand. Famous honey garlic ribs off the arc's the how are the pork chops pork. Chops were unbelievable. Little maple syrup little watch really good. What i don't get though. I thought in colder times. You're not allowed to have people over for dinner correct. How many people eating those ribs. Your place seriously man. I know i know well you eaten for a week. I know well okay and you've rattled holly dreger you because you also made a comment. Jeez drinks you guys eat a lot of meat and you do because you've got smoker which we keep hearing about our now so i'm hoping you put this plate of ribs out on twitter on andrex. We'll throw them out. Yeah because your wife and daughter cannot have the appetite to eat that. I mean it's got to be mostly. Un and mace right. Yes but we do. I mean how much ribs can eat. Now that's fair point. We pack and suddenly the note. So we'll send it to go now. Did you have a side dish. Was it aside of meat. I don't want to tell you what the side dish was whether it's actually to macaroni and cheese. Now no that would be healthier than what. The side dish was main side. Dish was a vac to french fries. All but you know what. I bet it was good. You take the french fries. Because i would and soak up the sauce. That's left off the rips. One hundred percent yes off backside still get an just because again. Holly dreger felt guilty. There was a big platter of fresh veggies..

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