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There's so many reasons and many of them are structural right? Like who do we choose to listen to and and many of them are also just like podcasting now especially as just an offshoot of all the other media that exists. and. So whoever's dominant another media's GONNA come over into podcasting. But. Also, like podcasters love to say that they're such a low barrier to entry right like you and I are just chatting resume. You're holding a microphone up to your mouth. Many people do it in ways that are far less high tech than this, and this is not high-tech. Much love. And severances like there's this really low barrier to entry, but it's It's actually you have to have the time you have to have you feel like you have something to say like the world wants to listen to you and those are often like traits that are associated with. Pale mound sale. That said I don't think. I I mean we'll talk a little bit more about this later I'm sure but All the pack has platforms are in competition with one another right now, and so whomever they surface to the top. Of their page whether it's the apple carousel or trending on spotify or whatever. When somebody's deciding to go listen to a show on that particular platform. If they see well feral, they'll be psyched. If they see my face there'll be less psyched. They don't know who I am. So there's just a little bit of the you have to be bigger. She got big thing that happens. That has like dominant media and in podcasting. And I also wonder whether the sort of wave of podcasting was like it was kind of analogous to talk radio in some ways I feel like and like a lot of the podcasts are versions of Talkradio Radio Joe Rogan is a version of talk radio as far as I'm concerned. and. That is a that is a medium that is absolutely. By by white males. and I wonder as as podcast diverse as podcasts diversify particularly into more narrative. And other formats whether that will end up opening up. A lot more. Diversity of voices two. Yeah and it certainly already has. There's so many different types of podcasts. Now, many of the best podcasts are hosted by women and women of Color. All of our PODCASTS are that way and I think. As. The space gets bigger meeting as there are more listeners or people that are becoming listeners, they're going to want things that are other than white male stale. Talkradio Ram. Because, how many hours can you listen to somebody just like interview their friend about something cool. That happened in sports that week. I don't Bill Simmons some this podcast go for like an hour and a half so..

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