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The people of coastal Mississippi have seen what Laura did to Lake Charles, Louisiana late last month. And knowing that Sally is likely to grow into a hurricane. As it moves north we're concerned with is very concerned about how high the war is going to be there. Saying what 7 11 seats Great Jacobs of Waveland, Mississippi, is gathering sandbags to fortify his home against Sally's potential landfall later this week. Jim really in ABC News at least 35 people are dead, millions of acres burned and wildfires across the West. Majority of the deaths have been in California. Smoke from the fires have spread the neighbouring states making the skies hazy. California Governor Gavin Newsom says he demonstration is proof that climate change is real. President Trump claimed progress against Corona virus will speaking to his rally in Henderson, Nevada, Sunday night. We will very easily defeat the China virus. That's what's happening and we're already making that turn. We're making that round, beautiful last turn, but it should have never happened. China should have never let that happen. They should have stopped it in China. The Biden campaign issued a statement Sunday night critical of the president for holding the rally within an indoor venue. It was a warehouse belonging to a manufacturing company chairman and CEO of Pfizer says he expects to know whether his company's Corona virus vaccine is effective by next month. We have quite good times more than 60%. But we will know if the product works or not. By the end of October on CBS's Face nation, Albert Barone. Birla also addressed getting the vaccine out to the American people if and when it's approved by federal authorities. Marlowe said the government will likely work with Pfizer on distributing the vaccine. Radio 6 10 W TVN Sports are rough opening Sunday for the bronze and Bangles Cleveland gets hammered by Baltimore 38 6 The Bangles at least showed promise losing 16 13 to the Chargers. Joe Burrow a touchdown run, and he drove since he downfield late. But Randy Bullet Mr Chip shot field goal that would have forced overtime. Bangles visit the Browns Thursday night. No vote yet from the Big 10 on returning to play, Although there were meetings all weekend, and, according to reports, momentum is building for potentially starting the season. October 17th baseball Indians lose to Minnesota Again Red's beat ST Louis From the central Ohio Hunter dealer Sports Stash Matt McCoy. These radios extendable UTV, and I'm Scott Jennings stay connected to Columbus and Central Ohio on the hour 30 minutes passed, and it's news breaks mix of sun and clouds Mild today high of 77. Mostly cloudy now and 59. This isn't a grilled cheese I'm making. It's.

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