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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Steelers need and Tonio Brown to be an Tonio Brown. They needed offense the phone Shen the way that it has in the past, but not this season. They need a defense to show a lot of improvement. The defense I think has been the biggest reason that this team has failed to get on track in the first two weeks of the season. But nevertheless, Antonio Brown gets the spotlight this week for some of the issues that he contributed to creating and now onto the podcast, we'll start off with Evan Kaplan. Our researcher before we get to fill Lindsey and Evans. Got some great insight. Into this week's matchups cap here. Let's bring in our NFL researcher for yes, PIN Evan Kaplan for another addition of cap hits and Evan, we've got some big news this week, some big matchups bullets start with Josh Gordon and the patriots. What is your theory and your explanation for what kind of impact he may have with that team will looking strictly on the field Adam, it's not difficult to figure out why the patriots brought Josh Gordon. I if you'll get Tom Brady in his first two games this season, they needed to downfield threat at wide receiver. And that's Josh Gordon is Brady has only completed three of eleven pass attempts to wide receivers at least ten yards downfield. That's a second worst completion percentage in the league on those throws so patriots needed a deep threat. We'll see what happens with Josh Gordon and how about this that Josh Gordon hasn't won a game since November twenty. Third, two thousand fourteen the Browns beat the falcons, which is hard to imagine. Something tells me that the New England Patriots and Bill bell check. Remember the game that Josh Gordon played against them, believe it wasn't the two thousand thirteen season when Gordon lit up the patriots defense. Remember that one. Yeah, I do. And I'm sure that that the patriots do as well. One hundred fifty one yards. Third, most in Gordon's career actually heard some of the patriots referred to that game after after the news had been announced yesterday. So I'm sure that was in the back of their mind or we have Patrick Mahomes the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback out to eight torrid start. And now he's getting ready to play in his home opener. And by the way, throwing the ten touchdown passes on the road so far. But give me an idea of where in the historical context of the NFL, those ten touchdown passes and this record setting start fit. Well, we already know the ten touchdown passes the most by any quarterback in their team's first two games of the season NFL history, and he doesn't have to go much further to have the most teams. I three games so he's got ten is used. Said the record in the first three games by team is Peyton Manning who through twelve in two thousand thirteen. And we know how that season ended up for Peyton through fifty. Five touchdowns NFL record. Patrick Mahomes is on a ridiculous pace right now. We'll Syria ends up, but, but right now I think the records might keep falling for the next few weeks ever. We had a debate on NFL alive this week about how many touchdown passes. We think Patrick Mahomes could throw this year and do we think that he could set that single season record that Peyton Manning set in one year for fifty? Five. What do you think? I'm gonna put it right around forty five right now I think will slow down at some point, but he will still be in the top top five seasons NFL history also and think about this. He has ten already needs forty five more to tie the record. So he would have to average three point. Two touchdown passes per week for the remainder of the year. Now, again, he hasn't played a home game yet, but that's a lot of touchdown passes to throw a special. Only when the weather's gonna start to get Chilean Kansas City, and that stadium can be brutally cold in November in December. I think that that offense is explosive that he can do..

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