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My backup car. Which is garrett gilbert. There's some there's a happy medium. Between the two between having no having essentially a third or fourth stringers your backup and using too valuable assets a first round pick and the fourth round pick traded to move up in order to get your backup. There's somewhere in between with like five million dollars. Jacoby perset or something like that. That may be threads the needle right well. You're comparing it to the whole car. I think it's a little bit more like the engine. So if you believe that your team is a rolls royce. It's hard to go. Put a engine into a rolls royce. That doesn't fit with a rolls royce. Expected to run with any kind of efficiency. So ideally you have the component to put into that car if it if the engine brakes sow so so. That's more the thought process. Yeah you can go get beat up used engine and try to put it in a nice car and hope that runs but but it never does. And when you've got a really good team and you believe you have a good team to have some some depth in meaningful depth the quarterback position it. It's a great situation and you draft in the first round you've got five years relatively cheap labor as a backup of that position. Think about how. Many backups we see that. Get ten million dollars. They'd get numbers are staggering for guys that that aren't even close to to that number coach coach in brandon coons. They're on a two person group chat of jordan love. Pick their the pay. They're the only people coachman jeanie and brandon. The only people in the world still defending the jordan love big. It's just. I did accused of being anti. It's not that i'm just pro reality. But there's her reality bet exists and that some people don't wanna recognize but it's there and and not. Every decision is some sort of conspiracy theory with grassy knoll. Where where you're out to get somebody. Well let's talk about this reality. I'm really confused. By the way carson wentz has been handled almost his whole career like we talk about the mvp. He almost one more than we talk about. Mvp's that guys actually one is like the guy was unbelievable for three months. Therefore you should never draft competition forum. Therefore he's in indianapolis now he's hurt again. Shocker and it's like no frank reich you got in front of it was like no no no this is carson steam because of all those zero games. He's played the colton his career. I i said the other day. It's really tough in this league. If you're fragile physically and mentally. And i don't mean general mental health. I mean as far as like competing. And if you're gonna be thrown off by a backup quarterback being in there that that's concerning what i think. The colts have a really good roster. What's your thoughts on their situation with carson being heard and then seemingly wanting to protect carson from competition. I guess i'm gonna say so. They don't say very often. But i absolutely one hundred percent agree with your deck absolutely and we. We all have heard that saying. To whom much is given much is expected and and much has been given to to carson wentz and much is expected of them. And you have to. He's had so many opportunities. he's been protected. He was with the team that drafted him he. He was paid by the team that drafted him. He got another tremendous opportunity. And whether it's been poor player injury. He hasn't lived up to his side of the bargain so to bring someone in to compete with them to say that that there is a there is potential that that you could lose your job. I don't think that's unreasonable. And and a lot of players get very frustrated with the way the quarterbacks are handled because everybody else is constantly threatened by competition but are constantly challenged by competition but yet we don't want to challenge position that we need to be most resilient. We need to be most ready to handle adversity and it doesn't make any sense. It's counterintuitive i. I agree with your your. Take on this all away all right. Lastly before you go. You accused me. During patrick mahomes second season in the league of already putting him in the hall of fame and i was right he was are clearly going to be all famer. Colin coward came out the other day. It was like oh mahomes. Let's all pump the brakes not yet all the famer. I'm curious you coach and we only about forty seconds here if mahomes today retired and you're on the of war on fifth the all of fame voter does he gets your vote. No no so ernie. Nevers ernie nevers played four games. Okay back in nineteen twenty six. Duluth eskimos play the least amount of games in the history of the nfl and and made the hall of fame. And that's still more games than patrick. mahomes has. And that's a player that from the twenty s scored forty points at a game at six touchdowns a cake. Did everything did everything. He is the bar back in one thousand nine hundred twenty six so nobody's going to have a super bowl. Mvp and a league mvp. I love you coach. I hate to leave you on something. You're so wrong on. Aaron rodgers next on heard me me me me but also you. The payroll has forwards favorite. Foreign film owed doughnut. Okay what's my line. The only line. I see here on. The script is get options based on your budget with the name your price tool from progressive man. It's a tongue-twister I'm sorry i'm to need a few more minutes. Oh this wall risk the bovis wall risk the name your price tool only from progressive. The our nfl the comatose coxswain risk casualty insurance. Company and affiliates. Price interprets Off four decades. This area has been a hotbed for paranormal sightings. This is a strange place. This part of the country about it just doesn't feel right. Iheartradio in grim bridgewater starring measham collins. 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