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Good at it too. Yeah. They suck you into the lane. They suck you away from those guys and then boom, it's a handoff for the greatest shooter that's ever played or maybe the second greatest shooter that's ever played and you're just dead and they're gonna run yoga through that kind of ringer all the time and you don't catch by the way is become a solid defender and is yeah, he's good. There's just no center who is equipped to deal with that all that well. Including DeMarcus cousins who I just don't know how they're gonna play DeMarcus cousins in this series because it was just a bloodbath for him when he was against the warriors. But the one thing I would say is if you're looking at how con Denver win it would be destroying the warriors on the glass when either caban or draymond's out. I do think there's susceptible. There were some games I watched this year and rewatched recently where they couldn't get a rebound. Like Denver was just playing volleyball with it. It looked like JV versus varsity on the glass. I think ultimately Golden State will fight. This is a team that knows how to win. Denver is prone to turn the ball over. And if golden states back to being Golden State, their speed on defense and their intelligence. It's not just speed on the ground. It's also speed in their brains. Their mind speed, I think that's going to be a problem. Then we're just going to throw the ball around and lose it. And you can't be going state if they're getting run outs and running the cuisinart in the half court. That's that double barreled gun is a problem for Denver. Which they know going in. They can't turn them all over. Yeah, I just, there's certain you nailed a couple of the kind of mathematical advantages or whatever. Turnovers is one Denver's 26th and turnover 8. Like third or 5th worst in the NBA, it turned the ball over and the warriors force a lot of turnovers. That's bad. For Denver, the warriors fall a lot, they actually are 26 in an opponent free throw rate. They've put guys on the line on it. Denver doesn't get to the line. They're a bottom ten free throw team. Can they even take advantage of that warrior weakness? The warriors, God bless the warriors. They still throw the goddamn ball around the floor all the time. Steph is still gonna give you one lefty behind the back pass to nobody every game. There are 29th turnover rate on offense. Only the rockets are worse. But guess what? Denver's 27th enforcing turnovers on defense, like they're not gonna be able to leverage that. And I think to your point, the warriors know how to get enough rebounds when it really, really matters. And so I don't worry so much about Denver really exploiting them on the glass. You want to hear just an absolutely crazy stat. Yeah, now I got one for you too. In a 129 minutes with curry pool and clay on the floor, the warriors are plus 96. And last year with pool curry and draymond on the floor, it was similar to that. It was like plus a million. There's a lot of evidence that pool and curry is really, really hard to deal with when they're surrounded by the right kinds of players, which makes me very interested in how much we see in this series and going forward because I am assuming they win, Steph, clay, pool, draymond, and whoever the 5th guy is, is it Wiggins? Is it sometimes Iguodala? Is it sometimes Porter and if we see those lineups like who is jokic guarding? Is he guarding draymond and then at the center of all these actions? Do they try and hide them on Wiggins? They try and hide them on Andre Porter. I don't know what you do, but those lineups are very, very powerful and I will end by saying this and you can take it from here. I've said all year, I never wavered. That the warriors are the biggest threat to the Phoenix Suns in the Western Conference and have a chance to win the whole damn thing. Obviously there have been a pile of ifs atop that if step is healthy, if draymond gets back from injury and time looks like himself, if clay is 90% of old clay by the playoffs, if Andre Iguodala starts playing again and plays well and blah blah blah. I still believe all of that is true and it looks to me like enough of those ifs are gonna flip their way. Like draymond looks fine. Clay, I've not really gotten the scrutiny or criticism he's taken for like hunting shots or this and that clay to me from day one has looked amazing considering what he's coming back from and is getting better and better every game. Steph will see, but the fact that he's practicing and scrimmaging and it's optimistic to play game one makes me happy. I think this team is a championship threat. I was on them before the season started hammering the over. I still think they're the biggest threat to Phoenix in the west. And this series to me, yo kitch is a problem all into himself, but to me this is almost like an ideal were clearly the better team. We have time to get our footing, hopefully not under like must win elimination game kind of pressure. I think this is a potentially good starting point for a really dangerous team. I completely agree. Steve Kerr and staff will scheme up a way to make sure no one but jokic really gets off because you can't guard them. But to pick up on your comment, your staff, I got one for you. And we're on the same side here. So we know about the old famous death lineup for the warriors. How is this lineup? Curry pool, Thompson, Wiggins, and loony,.

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