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I think you know what i would say is the numbers continue to increase this statement despite the fact that the overall number of crossings on the border hit a record low last fiscal year with barriers put in place before the trump administration along our route we've already seen different kinds of barriers and fences dividing the us and mexico in fact there are nearly seven hundred miles of barriers already set up but trump continues his push to expand those barriers in spite of questions about whether it's the best use of money or resources if there is a wall before that needs to be replaced it's being replaced by new wall so this is the trump border wall it in many cases it will hurt wall would count as new wall yes it would and joining me now is white house homeland security advisor tom bossert good morning mister bossert more you know the president's announcement seemed to catch some in the administration by surprise how far in advance did you know he was going to announce that he would deploy the national guard yeah it's funny the sl perspective must be because it didn't surprise me in the slightest i think prison transport pretty clear on this as a priority since he began his his his run for office so i think number of things that guard necessarily i think the guards always been something that we've considered and what we do is we carefully at trend lines and so there's been a little bit misreporting on this and see if i can help with that a lot of the reporting tends to suggest that because we've seen record lows over the last forty years angle basis that that's good enough now we've got a leaking boat on our border and we're all quibbling with how much water is in the boat and half fast we're bailing it out i think at this point the president's been pretty clear enough is enough fixed the actual problem and stop that leak those lows forty six year low in apprehensions so what was the crisis here why did they have to rush the national guard.

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