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Lord on some of these other issues and tried to get some of those sanctions lifted at this still a couple of days to go i think those efforts will continue but the scuffle in the injured photographer certainly won't help matters john sutcliffe in beijing british doctors say they've achieved mindblowing result in an attempt to kill the blood disorder haemophilia researches used genetic therapy to correct the red defect that make sufferers blood unable to clots properly john pozzi a professor of he mistakes his and some basis based at boughts hospital in london let the trial and explain how the therapy works in this trial we used a fires to transfer working copy of the fact 18 we she's the one that doesn't work in him fit air into patients to get their livers to produce normal we're hoped amounts affect eight we'd originally just to get a small amount of fact rate be chaste because producing a small that makes a huge difference to patients and we were so a stand it because what we are chief d was seeing normal levels so it aimed for five percent of normal and we ended up with dole that's why lose so a standard will thirteen patients given the gene therapy are now off treatments with eleven producing men normal levels of the pro scene you heard about their jake obama is twenty nine and was one of those on the trial dan damon asked him what it had been light living with haemophilia in the past you've got to be worried about internal bleeding all bleed ninsula joints unethical treatment unaids it's be a lot more careful than you after each trout running brown pine football beating parks and things like that who is gonna be very wary of till knocking joined saw too much wear one joints so for minority i each my bra ankle was the place it took the most impact just from prime flip was a young boy was always won't daca careful and try limits it but be young you take your visible a need those mushy candidates more ryan called us really suffered with offer authorites in it now when wang quiz apply up up the off my fate.

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