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Even talked it out over the break a little bit. Trying to figure out some odds. The $1 million picks for week 7 to recap, we are up 1.57 million for the season, 5 or 6 winning weeks, our MVP has been Greg butler, who singled it. Great Joseph and Greg butler. Greg Joseph is our MVP. He swung through games for us. And now, the $1 billion picks for week 7 give me one. Give me one. Let's go. Teaser. Packers -7 and a half patriots -7. We are going to tease those two together. The Pats have to beat the jets by one, the packers have to beat washed them by one and a half, putting 600. Oh yeah. 600,000 on that one. We're not done with the Pats and packers either because FanDuel has 5 team teasers. For minus one 77, 14 point teases. We're just going to do it. We're going to give it a test drive. What happened in the car? Pats minor 7 packers -7 and a half cards -17 and a half. Rams -15 and a half chiefs minus four and a half. We're teasing all of those games by 14 points. Pat's plus 7. Okay. Packers plus 6 and a half. Cards, minus three and a half, rams, minus one and a half chiefs. Plus 9 and a half. All the math to cover. Minus one 77, Warren sharp is having a heart attack. He's left off. He was right. No, he's so upset that we're doing this. This is such a bad idea. We're doing it anyway. And we're going to try to win 200 K on that. And if we lose, we lose 354,000. So just mark and that time. Okay, straight up. Got two bets. Chiefs. The chiefs will score more than 31 points, minus one 16. We're gonna put $200,000. That's a 32 points. 31 is a push. Okay. We think what how many points do you think they'll score against the things? If you had to guess 40? 42, 42, okay. Feeling good about that. Bears. We both kind of like this bears line plus 12 and a half against the bucks. We think it's too high. We think it should be -9, yeah. Or -9 and half something like that instead, we're getting all these extra points. Good defense, top 70 VOA. We think they hang around and we also think because of the buck's secondary, there's some garbage time potential. Sure. For the bears. Khalil Herbert action. Yeah. Who knows? Okay, so we're putting 200 K in that. Underdog parley of the week. Great and ambitious. We haven't won one of these since week one. Now there's reasons for this. The underdogs have not been winning. It's not like we're picking the wrong ones. We just haven't seen the underdogs. We like to concentrate on the ones between like four points and 8 points. The same reason we're winning all these teases every single week is why we're not winning the underdog parlays. Good point. Well said, raiders last week we had, we needed the bears to cooperate, Aaron Rodgers said you forgot I pay rent on those guys. Well, this week, we're going to do a mix and match of three teams we like. The Bengals to win out right against the ravens. The colts to win out right against the niners and the Seahawks to save their season against the saints. Here's what we're doing. 33 K each on Bengals colts plus 8 O 8. Bengal Seahawks plus 7 83 colt Seahawks plus 6 84. So two of those three win. We're golden. If they all lose, we lose 99,000. If you had asked me in August and would you ever bet on a Carson Wentz Geno Smith parlay, I would say I would stay away, but Bill, it's week 7. I'm here for it. I'm in. And I gotta be honest. It's a little rational confidence from us this week because we've been doing well. We have a 5 team tees and we have a ridiculous three different versions of an underdog parle. I hope it hit two instead of just betting all those teams straight up. That's why you come to the $1 million picks. And those were the $1 million picks for week 7. Peter schrager we'll see you on good morning football. We will see you on Fox on Sunday as well. And I'll see you next week, my friend. I'll be texting you from the airplane on Sunday, freaking out as always. What are my favorite.

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