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Featuring celebrities like Drake Lil Wayne in marriage, a blanche these days Larry runs his company on his own. But when he was starting out at twenty years old, he was working with a friend. He had just lined up a deal with basketball wives, star dre Machel, but his business partner didn't want to get on board with his way of running the show. So Jeremy show came down to one get the hand nails done. We go to the Salone on my. You'll look let's go have no on a hand knows. He he he he didn't really want to. So I paid for it wanted dinner told them, let's go have he didn't want to pay for it. I'm twenty and he was like like Fosse she has me at a time and he don't wanna go half on. So I paid for it and pretty much at the end of that trip. They told me it was like, you know, what all the city. Been to you took care of his more older. You've been to you being the youngest is just like they were impressed by into that business partner that you started off with that not work out because he warned seeing we had two different visions. And I say my book is like when you align yourself, somebody got to believe in the same things like you'll have to got like share some of the same vision that we didn't, you know? So we worked together for three full years. I'm thankful for that situation. Because it told me so much good do, but you know, just had two different visions. And I think it was best that we part ways. And let me tell you when we did it was on it was on. Because when when you have a business, you gotta understand that, you know, it's not all about what you want. Also by what they want not saying, it's not good to have been on it because you can go further together, then you can on your own, but I like took off. Thanks for listening to this is success. Our shows produced by Amazon rackets and Sarah Wyman dam. Bob, cough is our executive producer. And I'm rich baloney. All those clips you heard today are from episodes. You can find our feet, check them out. And make sure you subscribe while you're there. We'd also appreciate it. If you could leave us a rating and review both really helping people find the show we'll be back next week with daily CEO Heather Dietrich for she got a formal job offer at Gawker she had to do a week long trial. The only problem she already had a fulltime job. Very intrepid Lee went into my boss's office at Hearst and decided I was going to ask him. Can I try out another job for a week? And if it doesn't work out can I come back and have this job. Still a really outrageous staff. Staff. This is success is a production of insider audio.

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