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Not available in all states plus enough ueki todd in dawn has some tech step can we get what then i can't wait to get a robot artificial intelligence at my house like porsche she's awesome you've already got alexa bri that's true but she doesn't have legs not lightcolored motlaq porsche new 721 some tech news here for you check this out of federal judges ruled that the virtual currencies like bitcoin can be regulated as commodities by the us commodity futures trading commission the cftc first determine the virtual currencies as commodities back in 2015 regulation of virtual currencies is still a still in the early stages in congress has not passed laws addressing it directly dry and was so much interest in cryptocurrencies rising showed the us government work on regulations to protect the consumers somme this is the just the talk of this makes bit bulled bitcoin collapse yeah and that's that's what a lot of folks who have put a lot of money to bitcoin are concerned about his government's regulating this right man now what social media site's as you know were designed to bring people together but what if the people who are brought together shared the desires to hate others in even cause them harm there's new report that says while facebook twitter and gugel have made some strides to keep tabs on terrorist groups and hate groups on their sites there's still a long way to go or this issue this report is from the simon wiesenthal center in its annual digital terrorism and hate report they put that together every year that's exciting isn't it digital terrorism and hate group well the game grades to the three main social networking sites facebook gets be plus twitter gets be minus gogel which old youtube gets a cplus or weisenthal center their dedicated to fighting antisemitism hate and terrorism basically they're saying these social media sites and a lot of a lot of room to grow yeah they can't keep up with at all but i mean if you're looking at really serious terroristic threats and all that they they do have to be on top of it also in tech news google is giving you a chance to take a closer look at the happiest place on earth you no longer have to win a large sporting event go to disney world in fact you don't even have to go.

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