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A plethora of impactful items the council unanimously approved regulations that will require bike and scooter share operators to get permits and they'll be forced to pay the city per vehicle a few brief comments were followed by a unanimous council vote to authorize the one hundred the us economy slowed to a lacklustre pace in the first quarter but as ap correspondent mike have been reports it's expected to sizzle in the second quarter economic growth in the first quarter was revised down to two percent a sharp decelerating and the worst showing in a year the commerce department says that gross domestic product the country's total output of goods and services was weaker than previously thought declines in consumer spending and business inventories helped trim a fifth of point off last one sentiment but a canonists are forecasting a significant turnaround in the current quarter many private forecasts are predicting growth of four and a half percent which would be the strongest since the third quarter of twenty fourteen mike kemp in washington china's rejected a us request to discuss its demand that airlines described self ruled taiwan is part of china according to the american embassy in beijing in a statement the embassy says the us has told chinese authorities the united states strongly objects to the demand by president xi jinping's government to call the island taiwan china and maths and internet menus some twenty airlines including air canada british airways and lufthansa have been referring to taiwan as part of china to avoid penalties from beijing the embassy said it's disappointed china's refused request for consultation on the issue it's the trump administration was deciding how respond hi i'm megan crane ap digital manager and host of the podcast ground game look at the top political issues bubbling up around the country ahead of this year's midterm elections it's available on apple podcasts and podcast one while you're there be sure to subscribe rate and review it that's the podcast ground game.

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