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Okay. Yeah. A really a relay dive over the other person as they come back. It's fun. I didn't know this was thing that Jihai five of in the air. I didn't know this was the thing that grownups got together and did on their own. Why is it weird jujitsu to you? It's not just. Yes, jujitsu. At least is a fad that the explosion of you. See I feel like a swim team is is it something you did growing up. It is. Yes, I swam as a kid and a little bit in high school. I have a friend who joined a track team track. Oh, interesting. And I was like that they just have grown up track leagues. And he's like, yeah. I'm in tai-bo league. Really another martial arts fat. I learned from Billy blanks. There's still. I mean, you got into it not for love of martial arts or for self defense since you just like singlets where that fall below the nipple. I just wanted to make it to the crystal light national aerobics championships. Share crystal light great food for. For. The and. Come in. We have we have called a yes, I do. Great song every every piece of music in every crystal light aerobics championship is fantastic. Look it up on YouTube. Yeah. Thicke wrote that one what do you wear when you jitsu I've taken back in the day when I first did it. I wanted the traditional pajama looking at it. Now, I've taken to Nogi submission grappling where you were shorts, and what's called a rash guard, which is a spandex shirt. Cool. Not that cool. It is cool in a tight spandex. It's pretty cool. You don't get a sunburn. Yeah. It's about a rash guard. It is also wear them on the beach. But yet this Nogi submission grappling. Become kind of like a weird underground thing. If you're looking I mean, could you if the if the, you know? Criteria. Just wear something that prevents you from getting a sunburn at the beach could you just wear an XL green day t shirt. I would love that. I think he probably could you probably could is the idea that if you're wearing a guilty. You can there's various parts of the gay you can grab onto and when you're wearing a rash guard. There's only natural tube rinses such as noses nips. I would say that. Yes. You're getting. Choose your protrude in very small inverted nipples notorious have dime sized inverted nipples. A well-known me. We actually had second booking on the show for that. We had on the gathered John public access. We had a dominatrix come in from one episode. It's not that surprising. If you know the show, she put nipple clamps on me. And she was mad 'cause she's like your nipples are so small, right. And I can't get clamps on. Do you think that was just part of the humiliation though? Do you think that was an actual concern genuinely frustrated, okay? Slipping off. She couldn't get them on. It was bad. I didn't think it was in keeping with the character. When she started calling you Bonk. Yeah. It was that was part of the humane that's humiliating. But it doesn't seem like it's of a piece with the outfit the whip. In the whole know that you yelling, you'll never be as big as son. Never be as popular. You're not even echo the dolphin. Yeah. There's not really much of a cathartic or sexual release to being called punk. Break rocks with his head. Maybe. Yeah. Brock's tainos. What was the guy's name from adventure island? Remember that game adventure too. Yeah. I don't know. That guy had an yeah, I'm sure he had a name. I don't know what it is a Marriott rip-off. Right. Yeah. Kind of an island themed get a little skateboard. Hey, did that was fun. Aloha. Yeah. Sure. Sounds fun ate a lot of spam. Ate a lot of spam. I could go for a span what's called the masugi. No. I don't have Hawaiian Hawaiian rice roll like a sorely associates. Always thought this about you. You just know things I probably just bring up things I know too much that could be a regular amount of things. But I talk about them too much. Well, when something happens to you. We ask you to call us two zero six nine eight four four.

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