Headache discussed on Did She Say That with Sonnie Johnson


Like that is so fucking i don't even know could you imagine a suicide rates demand goes home work and even a sex doll is like i got a headache that's night actually one of the responses like having a headache this this shit up of suicide demand will be like that even like what like i can imagine this becoming a chartered number in the suicide category like a no bullshit like i could actually visualize this being an actual statistic even the sex doll said no so you know what i'm saying it would be like and i think what you have to do because i don't think like if you put this doll on the market at the same price as the other dolls that just given up whenever oh god that is say the easy ones we are literally talking about dolls here right this is a literal conversation i am so sorry listeners but okay up the price it will have to be dolly where you would actually get this to sell on the market is pricing so if you want the easy dogs easy doll has to cost more and dog who has said to say no has to cause a lot less say like a video game like you have to learn to mastery.

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