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Service says heat index numbers are expected to feel like more than a 110° in areas where such conditions are rare at best, the forecast calls for dangerous conditions affecting millions of people from east Texas all the way into northeastern areas, including the nation's capital, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. SpaceX is marking today's successful launch of broadband satellites into orbit. A two stage falcon 9 rocket lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 9 38 this morning Eastern Time carrying 53 Starlink satellites. The satellites deployed from the rocket's upper stage a few minutes later. Today's flight was the 33rd falcon 9 mission this year. I'm Dina kodiak. Former president Donald Trump is leading against two democratic rivals in hypothetical 2024 matchups, according to a new poll Brad Siegel, has more. The Emerson college poll plays Trump three percentage points ahead of President Biden and 5 ahead of potential candidate Bernie Sanders. Now, Trump has yet to say if he'll run again in 2024, but he has teased the possibility in recent weeks. The polls surveyed roughly 1100 registered voters. I'm Brad Siegel. Americans are paying near record prices for used cars. Julie Ryan reports. A report from car shopping app co-pilot reveals the going rate is about $10,000 above pre-pandemic levels. It puts the average price for a used vehicle at over $33,000 in June. That's a half percent increase from May and just below the survey's peak in March. Co-pilot CEO pat Ryan noted the demand for used cars remained strong, despite rising interest rates and high fuel prices. I'm Julie Ryan. For the second time this week, swimmers are forced out of the water at rockaway beach in Queens due to shark sightings, David folk Thomas reports. The city's parks department putting out a tweet Saturday around two 15 p.m., warning the queen's beach goers that they were not allowed in the water. The New York Post reports one lifeguard said there had been multiple shark sightings, including one around 11 a.m., near the rocks at beach 92nd street. There have been at least 5 people bitten by sharks along area beaches so far this summer. And on Wednesday, a dead 7 to 8 foot great white shark, washing up on a quad beach. David folk Thomas in New York. Martha Stewart says several of her pet peacocks have been eaten by coyotes. The TV star shared on social media Saturday that coyotes attacked and ate 6 of her 20 peacocks in broad daylight at her Connecticut home. Her followers, however, were confused by her Instagram video of her beloved peacocks, which had Marvin Gaye's let's get it on, playing in the background. I'm Dina kodiak. And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg newsroom. The man accused of attacking New York GOP gubernatorial candidate Lee zeldin during a recent campaign rally told investigators he'd been drinking that day and didn't know who the congressman was, David Jacobo faces a federal assault charge. He made an initial court appearance yesterday before a federal magistrate judge on a single count of assaulting a member of Congress with a dangerous weapon which turned out to be a keychain with two sharp points on it. The charge carries a potential maximum penalty of ten years in prison. Jack a bonus was arraigned Friday on a separate state charge of attempted assault in the second degree and was released by a local judge. That prompted criticism from zeldin and other Republicans who held it up as an example of the need to reform New York's bail laws. The New York triathlon is on, but it has been shortened because of the heat. The biking part has been cut in half from 24.8 miles down to 12.4 miles and the running portion has been cut from 6.2 miles to two and a half. The course will take racers into the Hudson River on bikes along a traffic free west side highway and through Central Park. Investors will be watching for a rate decision from the Federal Reserve and the week ahead, Bloomberg's Karen Moscow has more. The Federal Reserve is expected to raise rates on Wednesday with officials having signaled support for a 75 basis point move on Thursday we're watching for the initial rating on second quarter gross domestic product which could eke out a small advance first quarter GDP fell for the first time since 2020. On Friday we get personal income and spending and consumer confidence and it's a busy week ahead for corporate earnings with Apple, alphabet, Amazon, and Microsoft among those reporting. Bloomberg's Karen Moscow, global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. I'm Susanna Palmer. This is Bloomberg. This is balance and power with David Weston. Iraq is no longer a front for an issue in the United States foreign policy. And by the way

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