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Camera grise are feuding over ten db aussies love. That's what this is. It's who gets the million dollar legacy right. That's what this has turned into. You had cameron grimes and la night. Doing basically she'll videos to say why they deserved to get ted million dollar legacy and i have so many questions as to why you have random women in your bathroom dressing you. La night you know. Is that your significant other or she just hangs out there from time to time if you're elevated who doesn't have women's in their bathrooms helping them get dressed even more awkward with cameras in the pool right and cameras cutting the promo in the pool. And there's like just a ladies cavs on either side of his head that he's cutting the promo. It was just really super awkward. It's like you know she doesn't need to be there she does it. Add anything to it. It's just this random set of gam's that's just in the shot to see what the problems so the best part about the back story of the segments. They did you. So you had cameron grimes out there drinking and smoking right the cigar. Yeah he doesn't smoke mortaring. They had to do it. They had to do it. One take because What was the thing. He was going to kill him or something. I'm trying to smoke the cigar. it's one hundred. Seventy eight looked. Sometimes you got it you know. Take one for the team and these. These are jeremy specials. These been yet horses are. I'm very proud of him for this. But yeah i don't expect his match to be long. I don't necessarily expect this match to be good. Expect this to be stupid in every sense of the word but stupid and a very entertaining and enjoyable way. Because i like camera can wrestle and you can work. And i'm sure they'll be getting help with the ladder match while shawn michaels arming camman. He'll work them into a match. It'd be fine. Like karen drives is going to be good match. Because he'll do his dive. Whatever but it's la night that i'm concerned about a little bit because he's more of an entertainer then. A great worker can hide that at times. A lot of any. But it's just i don't. I'm not sure how they're going to mix well. Here's my thing okay. So you're going for the million dollar. Legacy ted actually like you know. Get in a ladder match and fight or would he you know. Pay somebody to fight in the ladder match for him. Ted danson ring. No but i'm just saying hypothetically okay back in the day back when ted could get ring with ted find himself in a ladder match or would he buy his way out he he would find themselves in the ladder match back back back in the day back back in the day no backpack back in the day yet. He would i think he he would have been in the ladder match puts. You would have had shenanigans go war. Yeah and that's what we have here. That was my point back to get to. Is that the long way around shenanigans. Yeah we're gonna have shay against that cameron's probably gonna try to buy his way out in several different ways to get that that championship or camera to strike oprah he could just he wanted that badly that it's like look i'm willing to fight you for it i say. Cameron timber has transitioned into the baby's role. So i see him more fighting sort. If anyone's going to try and use chicanery it would be imagine the scenario and the this would be completely wanna be a scenario. That would do but it'd be funny if it happened. So they're both fighting for the time on. You have ten. Bbc at ringside title falls down off the ladder. It's lying in the ring. He looks in the ring. Grabs his title mocks. Walked away with it. He's the only one that can have the million dollar like they let the title hit the ground. They don't aren't they deserve it. He picks it up. He walks away with it. You said the referee picks it up. I was going to lose my mind. Now wouldn't be habitable fleet. Had that happen. But no ted walking away with his own belt because neither ma'am deserves to be the million dollar champion. Actually i could see them doing the briefcase gimmick and when they go to open the briefcase. It's not in their walk away laughing and he just walked away laughing. I could see them doing that too. I could just because they're not worthy of the title. They have improved themselves that or he says you think i was gonna make it that easy like you think that it was going to be a simple ladder match. And that's all you have to do to prove your legacy to me or prove your work to me. Oh no sun no this is just like stage one but a service scenario but say there are no shenanigans. Straight off camera grabs in la knife for the title who who's walking around with million dollar championship. I can almost see. I say being. La nights it being the l. a. night there's something more about the chase with cameron With him it if like if elliott i- sheets to get it that just fits well with him and plus the way that he kind of came in. I feel like he needs the bragging rights of it whereas cameron can fight for it and claw to trying get it and i think the fans would be absolutely behind him for it. The thing with cameron is cameron. While we love him is a bit of a fuck up right like he can't quite get it bright and like you said the money's in the chase with him where he gets it right eventually figures out how to do the thing and he gets what he wants he gets the million dollar title million dollar legacy because i see this extending beyond sunday so i feel like if anybody's going to cost cameron it will be cameron costing himself with some kind of mistake and then he goes to la night indeed or possibly just late night. I'm not sure how long it's gonna stick around for and he he convinces. La night to put it up again and keeps convincing him to put it up until he either a runs out of money or be gets the title. Hey i see him doing more like if he doesn't win here though he could go to. La night night with no. I'm not going to give you a shot again. you you screwed up. What i ultimately see shifting the shifting. Vote the story line into having to fight for it. I can almost see cameron polling Aris and stealing. The belts now consume soon to end that he hoped he hangs onto it. And you know he can do like vignettes but taking the belt wherever like the stanley cup and you just getting more and more angry until finally he's like okay. We're fighting for that. You know i'm gonna get my property back and that's when cameron can win it pull sale. Or here's another scenario. We get throughout there. Cameron grimes winstar alright. And he goes on lavish spendings where he's like the million dollar champion. Lose money to sell the belt. He comes broken. Esl that titled to someone and it gets back to ted to ted were la night. We'll help me. They sabotage the la night as late. Loaded mean the with the women and the car and the how well. But that's the other side of it is it's like what if it's all. Why right like la nights like basically living ally and it gets exposed in this because like you can rent a nice house for a day you can. You can hire actresses to be your you. Can you can do all of that. So it's like. He's living this impression that he's living this glamorous life when actuality he's not. You could have cameron grimes like. That's how camera. Grimes gets another shot. At titles he exposes l. a. night as a fraud. Could you know basically like this isn't how you're actually doing things. You don't deserve that title. I deserved that title. Because i actually have the money and he challenged. La nights like he ruined night's reputation and forces him to put the title on the line. I just liked the head of rent rent to expensive car for annex vignettes. Great i don't wanna is what is garage..

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