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To make sure Of course. We have your contact information, and we're going to try some of the contacts we have on Facebook. We're also going to wait for this podcast to get out and about in anyone. We're asking anyone to call us and leave a message that they have any contacts or any way to contact Facebook about extraordinary problems. And they and anyone who does concolor us at 303 Martino 3036 to 78466 or email. US help. Troubleshooter dot com. High right now, we'll just tell people to go to facebook dot com slash painted pause for veterans Sanctuary. And also your other page, which is painted pause for veterans dot or g'kar. And I promise you we won't forget this. We will put the word out. Everything starts here. And it's amazing when we hear things. Yes, who's and Tom, I am going to try as a last ditch effort for him. I'm gonna shoot an email to the contact I have. Okay. Once he gets me all the information I need and just see if by chance that helps, Okay and we'll keep it really brief tie and we'll revisit this. Okay? Louise. I want to talk to you, Louise. We really appreciate it. You may have heard us talking about roof, furs and construction on this show. And I'm happy. We have somebody in the springs area to to help people because and the springs they're listening right now on our affiliate. We have There's a big problem, especially since Cove it with a lot of schlock contractors coming and going. And taking money upfront, not showing up or doing sub standard work. Have you run into any of that? Louise where you have to come in? You're with Valero. Construction are Valerio I'm Sorrv, Ilario Construction and roofing. Have you run across a lot of that where you have to come in and clean up messes. Yes, sir. And many times I know it. Why do you think It's so prolific right now. The The bad guys. I'm serious there and they're not just I don't mean necessarily Cheaters, but some of them are just incompetent. They might mean well, but they're incompetent. Well, I'm not sure what is happening. With these people there. Um, you see, easy to convince These people have a good sales people. Yes, people get money up front. One dies. Another case. You know, for example, my company Get our writing contract, and I just only asked for $500, the Boston which is nothing that's good. Which is not just for take the permit. I can pull a permit from the building. The fireman And I six Ross security The job is going to be done. Good. So what kind of stuff Just 500 down a full contract? What kind of stuff? Are you doing? Mostly right now with the Lario construction and roofing in Colorado Springs. Well, we're pretty much open all the service. My company is just one call, and we take care of our everything else. We do windows. We do, uh, pretty much on the claim part of insurance people. Uh, We do got his windows fighting or all they're so common in the package if they haven't insure insurance claim. You can take care of all of it. Do you also do Non insurance like people just want to add a bathroom or something. Do you do that? If I do a lot of bathrooms right now, Bathrooms is really famous. And teaching and the same thing. Just want contractor with a care about everything else. How long have you been around Louise? 18 years. That's good news. Now. How far North do you go? Go in anywhere. Along. This is in Colorado. Oh, really? So hold on. You're based in Colorado Springs, but you'll go toe Pueblo. They are going to Pueblo Dember. Actually, we we come from member and I really have off four years that I move out in the spring. Oh, that's very cool. Okay, really good Valerio Construction of roofing and you go up and down the front range. And, uh, that's why you have this number 720882. 2139. I'm going to give that out again. And I want you to just for the hell of it if you can. Just for people who call today. If you would have any kind of a screaming deal form and I'll come back to you now, if you don't That's fine, too. Jim, you have a question. I'm going to direct that mark because he's had more recent experience. With buying new cars. GM go ahead. Hey, I'm taking your advice. And I'm gonna buy my son a new car instead of we got killed on a used Alexis. I know it. You'll get killed with maintenance and all that Now why, By the way, it's not always a good idea to buy new But what I'm saying is this If you acquire the new car at a great price, we have low interest. You will end up paying less many times. Then if you buy a used car when you pro rate all the cost, it's actually a better deal. And I know people say Never buy new because you take A big hit in depreciation. It doesn't matter if you're going to keep it now, Jim, what did you want to know about? Want toe. We're looking at a key a sport Egemen for about $21,000, and we're going to go down and look at it today at Arapahoe. Kia just wanted to know what your feedback was on those guys. Oh, and Doug. It's a good dealership. It's Marcus saying he likes those guys. Okay. Good. Now listen. Civil reports rates, The key is supported a little bit better than the Hyundai to sponsor Well, you know, that's that's a matter Of course. It's gets all in the same family Just don't buy any of the crab man. I don't care how good the dealer how much I like him. They will all try to sell you every bit of mop and Glo that's available on the planet. Now, Jim, Here's the problem, No matter who I know. And no matter how strong I think they are They end up. I don't know what it is. They get in FBI. They get behind the doors of the FBI guy financing and insurance and they end up buying crap. And here's some of the stuff they walk out with. Tired. I'm going to tell you something. Okay, There's tire warranties there. Steph coverage with the etching of the glass there. Is there stuff like credit, life and disability. The other stuff is, um, fabric protection. Paint protection under coating. What else Mark some crazy stuff. They have, like the new go LoJack stuff. I mean, you first of all, Here's what I want to say. If you want anything, and I mean anything. By the car settled down and look it after market and never buy an extended warranty. I wish people would listen to us. Do you know? Sometimes it adds, 30% tow a car deal, 30% and you know what? I don't know what it is. But after you make a great deal, and you sit there You feel obligated people feel like well, if I say no to everything is gonna be bad. You know, we negotiated a deal, right? And Mark said here, Tom because he had some time to do this for me, and he had a contact there, he says here, Tom and the price and the price going out the door. Was 21. Okay, Now it's out the door. It was a great deal for my daughter. And then and I'm not gonna mention anybody. Because it's no one's fault. It's there. It's their culture, no matter who they are, and I mean the greatest dealers to the worst feels so by the time that deal got to me For me to sign. It was 29 5. And I said, What the hell is all this? All they saw? We assumed you wanted this and you wanted this And you wanted this and you wanted this. So what I'm saying Jim. You have to be strong. You have to be strong to avoid that and to reject it. So just do that. The Arapaho people are good, but just because he says they're good people doesn't mean you by there. You always go by the deal because you don't have to go back there ever again. You you analyze the deal, and in fact, if they won't let you take the deal and analyze it, don't take the deal. And if you want, we'll have Marco over the deal for you. We've.

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