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Prior to, death camp I see him the first time he received in past department with the poise with his posture Return to one of my colleagues watch this, never aflutter on the puck everything was done clean employs a certain moment like that on a simple skill jump soda you're right away because it's usually a. Small part that, make a. Big difference in the end and, right away just handling the puck kind of jumped off and I said watch this and let's see where this. Goes the way she moves in the way he does, think there is a level of poised to everything poison purpose I like to call it just. Watching this movement patterns obviously efficiency, of the big word where he, comes with a lot of those drills Howard there there are based on feet hands separation there based on multiple skills having to think a step ahead such as the multi part drill being able to have to process and. Nowhere where your next step is going to be before you make the one prior to that Some of. The comments Matt Ellis who was on with us yesterday, here him every now and then on the instigators and he was on the coaching staff he. Was in with the guys on, ice who are running the recent, development camp and we had on yesterday just to expand on comedy made to Andrew Marty I think it was when he was on the instigators talking about Don lean had some really great thanks Darlene On the ice and off the ice from what he's seen so far and also talked about Casey? Middle stat Brendan Brendan Guli. So if you miss the interview it's available OnDemand, audio WGN five fifty dot. Com Breton also put up a nice article about the story yesterday with some quotes in there and, a link to the full interview yeah check it out if, you I bet, a, lot of your already pumped up about. Rasmi Darlene and if. You'd like to get, even more, excited Gullickson what had to say about him it was really interesting.

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