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Will with let's let's hope he's the if he's alive i haven't buried him but he was a religious writer and engulf wrote for a number of prominent religious figures including jerry falwell and he still alive and informed good i'm glad he's like let's go lot and he was gay and he said that he knew that if he were out gay of course he would lose his job in booth reputation is ready for all these christian writers so he did everything including shock therapy chemical therapy hypnotism everything to get out of was married with children he couldn't get out of it he's now he's now done out one eighty and argues that there ought to be acceptance because gayness is not something that i chose him it's something that that has any better that what the argued shirt and you'll know that's it's a good arguments are very simple arguments very easy argument but when you look at first trend themes chapter six verse 11 end it says and some were and suffer some of you but year a washed but you are sanctified but year justified when i look into the very definition of justification and sanctification being lost in the blood of price that changed my life so i would encourage mel white even today to go into his relationship with jesus had say god what do you mean by sanctification justification and being washed were continues on the other side chris road is my guest milk from arizona said this about relief factor before relief factor i was taking ibuprofen twenty four hundred milligrams yes that's right twenty four hundred milligrams daily i'll take another drug because my stomach couldn't handle all the ibuprofen since starring relief factor we weeks ago i am off the ibuprofen since dates we relief factor i'm now off the other drug as well this stuff it's absolutely miraculous says milk from arizona the threeweek start is only nineteen dollars and 95 since eighty percent of the people who by the relief factor quick bite again that does not happen unless something works now you've heard of our relief factor you've heard that it helps me health my brother if you have.

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