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The third sex. So that was not a huge problem when i looked at it The second drive of the game. I thought he had. I thought he missed Is ahah right twice in a row. Like he threw into double coverage to terry maclaurin in right. is he just guesses. Terry's breaking deep on an hour out and right back to the middle of the field. Everyone goes with terry. That's the pass. After the logan thomas and i'm i meant i mentioned to you. I thought he was throwing into into double coverage where he really is. I mean they were playing version of to on a cover too so they had one safety covering half the field on that side and almost everyone goes with. Terry's safety goes with terry and right down the middle on the other side they had. They were playing a version of quarters. Call it quarter quarter half. There's no way that other quarter safety on the other side can get to walk in touch later. Like one or two plays later on that drive. He throws to cam sims And it's a pass interference call. It was not pass interference on well. It was called against dallas but during the play. Yeah gary mclaren's running across the field trying to kind of clear that thing out and then on the far sideline isaiah rights or any of the wheel route. The safety stays over the top right over the top sims maclaurin. Right away is wide open on the crossing. That would have been an easy throat of a chlorof- as alex.

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