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Point mr bland. Be i think people nervous about the infrastructure bill now the infrastructure bills quite interesting because as i understand it even if gets through the senate and then the house is still doesn't come into law two thousand twenty three of real opportunity for other countries and jurisdictions to do the complete opposite like el salvador has some be pro bitcoin and if enough jurisdictions do that there's a chance that there will be bitcoin. Zubi thing awhile. I might need to reconsider. Where i want to be a dollar how that plays out could be completely wrong. Sorry sorry if china have allowed bitcoin to become a series currency dent. You could have a very good scenario if i see all major forces in this world. Y'all owns major economic blocks on making life difficult for for for for bitcoin and crypto. They distorting to roll out. Darryl santo band digital currencies and that's the most and stupid crypto currency can design but that's step land not bitcoin What are you pam. But what's your read on the infrastructure. Bill yeah maybe it's It's help him. But the i hope the senators luminous and and others will put amendments in there and reason returns on the other hand. I've seen disaster infrastructure bill. I've seen a covert bill over to relieve bill. I've seen the bills after nine eleven. Those were huge bills that nobody can read. And that were a fool of Yeah other other arrangements that had nothing to do with nine eleven restructuring covert Relief etc so the the entire patriot act and the and all the Suppression for example el salvador. It will those things are all shaft and enter these big bills. And it's it's for me as a european is very strange to see that the rule of law in america is is like that that you can make laws that that have articles in there that have nothing to do a with the topic at hand that nobody can can read in time and the way it adds to what william says. The capitalism has has lost a game or straight back to communism. Ag- i fear that but on the other hand i have this hope him. Maybe this dream of the sovereign individual that the same technology that empowers states and and big companies that also empowers individuals And that the open individual network always wins from the big state networks that are that are. Yeah they're big. But dr the slow. They're not innovative. And they're like david and goliath members club. Yes i think Moving to jurisdictions were capitalism still has any chance a thing of the future as well. I mean switched now. Misery is mr plan. B switzerland because i hope is will be a feast freedom within the advert increasing powers from brussels eu. The.

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