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Our early eaters. So. If you could tell where the audience can go to learn more about your work, your research surrounding sugar, as well as your books as well that especially the new book sounds really interesting your dog. Last thing I want to leave your audience with his just remember that real food is low sugar high fiber and processed food is high sugar low fiber processed. Food is killing us. It's that simple. In fact I'm just written an article called ultra processed foods addictive, toxic and ready for regulation. So my website is Robert Lusty Dot com I also am the Chief Medical Officer of a nonprofit here in the bay area eat real where we are getting real food into California a unified school district schools in the East Bay we. Have removed two hundred seventy thousand pounds of sugar from the Mount Diablo Unified School district in one year at ten pounds of sugar per kid frontier year by getting real food into the schools, and there's a method and madness to what we do and you can find us on April Dot Org my new book is called metabolical and you can find it at. METABOLICAL DOT COM on Amazon it's not available yet it will be available on May fourth but you can pre-order and what I do is I take the medical profession to task as we screwed up big time because we let the food industry and big Pharma dictate our policies and I basically take those all apart and deconstruct them for the reader and for the politicians There are several resources that UCSF sponsors, for instance, sugar science, Dot Org which is a group of independent scientists at UCSF and emory and a few other institutions who have vetted eight thousand clinical research articles and stilted into five ges for the general public with infographics and posters and things that you can put up in class at Cetera I was in the. Movie Fed Up, which is a documentary about how we got where we are today in terms of our processed food tobacco I was in a documentary called sugar coated, which explains why we got to where we are today in terms of are processed foods tobacco and I'm around Youtube Yeah you are you have one of sorry but the longest most viral videos ever like. Long and yet people watch it to the end. Can you tell them just as like a link to it in the show notes for this episode can give us the run out on that to be honest. I've never made it to the end, but I know a lot of millions of people have called sugar the bitter truth it's a UCSF Mini Med school for the public lecture. I gave in two thousand nine and it is ninety minutes of carbohydrate biochemistry. I never thought even my mother would watchet let alone. Eleven point, two, million people and still going strong and I gotTA..

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