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Ziprecruiter donlevatar i listened to dan show while i was in florida last week you know listen to every day came on in the afternoons get a good show still god's it's a very it's impact ably produced goodness that is like a like a like a training show for kids on how to produce radio visit live at our show with stu guys on espn radio espn radio is presented by progressive insurance bomani jones gonna join us just a minute here on the shell pennzoil performance line get the feeling of being rewarded with gold status at shell with a fuel rewards program download the fuel rewards at jordan and start saving five cents a gallon today here's your sports center update at fell owners unanimously approved a new catch rule which eliminated the requirement of maintaining control of the ball while go into the ground reaching for the line to gain they also approved the new role new rule penalizing all players fifteen yards and a potentially jackson anytime he lowers his head to initiate contact with his helmet and finally dm xs lawyer wants d mexico's music to be played during his sentencing hearing for tax evasion so that the judge could understand dm x generally in his own words and his own voice that sounds great that sounds like a great idea according to ex's attorney dark man x maybe too emotional to speak slipping and combo the songs ex's attorney hopes the play i have recently been told that my diem ex impersonation sounds like the cookie monster vase laughing diem ex impersonal i did one on my radio show the morning roast with dominic foxworth and clinton clinton aide sunday mornings nice twelve i we were time on mexican i tried to impersonate him and they were just not impressed hold on a second i'm gonna that's we'll do that for bomani jones in a second let's finish here's just a set it's for all the latest headlines information tune in the sports that are on espn radio all throughout in their wondered if you were on air you wonder if wade or we live why are we just talking anyway bomani jones with us now on espn radio please stop apologizing omani the story the story that's funny.

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