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Survivors caregivers and family are all invited to attend with the next meeting scheduled for september eighth at six pm at the village to sixty five nor three hundred west in roosevelt for more information call four three five six two one six one six a after successful pilot year try county health department is hosting the flu shot again this fall providing valuable training experiences as well as an important service to the public according to try county director john mathis you the atc nursing students will help this year in order to hold a roosevelt event as well this is a win win for the health apartment and the be atc nursing program says mathis it helps them get practical clinical experience and they help us facilitate the event to serve the community the flu shootout is a drive up a walk up clinic that also serves as help apartment practice for any emergency situation where mass backs in nations me dispense in the flew in innovation clinic will be held september twenty fourth from ten am to two pm it you the atc in roosevelt and try county health department in vernon got some time to kill visit the national weather service website for the chance to watch satellite imagery a storms developing over eastern utah in western colorado was slow motion and brief heavy rain the result is entertainment in its own right moisture over the weekend will mostly hits self of the basin for local news and events visit base and now dot com micheal r night dental is pleased to announce the addition of doctor dude yielding doctor gillies field in all aspects of cosmetic general family dennis free an oral surgery a night valley dental we understand that it can be difficult to take off work this even then of the addition of doctored allowed just to be available week he even enes until seven and friday's move saturday doc and i will continue to dreger scared of monday dictate the five my family dental three seventy five easley doing streak over that just can't figure appointment please call seven through two ninety nine ninety five that's seven two two ninety nine ninety five.

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