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It's four 30 Live from NPR news I'm Duane Brown The United States and NATO have made no concessions to the main Russian demands to resolve the crisis over Ukraine That includes not giving Russia or Moscow any guarantee that its western neighbor can never join the alliance Here's Pentagon press secretary John Kirby The principal threat right now at least from a military perspective is from Russia on Ukraine And to Ukrainian soil which is why we continue to provide security assistance material to the Ukrainian armed forces another shipment just arrived on Friday There will be more coming and coming days and why we still have trainers on the ground The U.S. and Russia faced off at the UN Security Council today over the Russian military buildup around Ukraine Russia tried but failed to block the open council meeting calling it an attempt by the U.S. to whip up hysteria Meanwhile The White House says it's working closely with Congress this week on legislation to impose sanctions on Moscow The Biden administration is named a new leader of its efforts to fight homelessness as we hear from NPR's Laura Walmsley homelessness was rising even before the virus pandemic Jeff all of that is a new executive director of the U.S. interagency council on homelessness His experience ranges from doing outreach on the street to being CEO of the center on social innovation and founding an antiracist consultancy Oliver joins the agency as it creates a new federal plan to prevent and end homelessness The agency has returned to a housing first policy to quickly re house people a change from the Trump administration's agency head who argued that housing first is ineffective Numbers from January 2020 the most recent available found homelessness nationally had increased 2% from the year before Laurel Walmsley NPR news Washington Stocks finished higher on Wall Street today the Dow gained 406 points up more than 1% The tech heavy NASDAQ was up more than three This is NPR news From W ABE news in Atlanta good afternoon I'm Jim berry and sir time now four 32 and breaking news this afternoon a federal judge is rejecting a plea deal in the hate crimes trial for two of the three men found guilty of murdering ahmaud Arbery Arbery's parents had denounced the proposed deal for Travis mcmichael but the judge proceeded with plans to summon potential jurors next week Our berries mother Wanda Cooper Jones asked the judge to reject the deal and describe the U.S. Justice Department's decision to propose it as quote disrespectful proposed plea agreements for father and son Gregory and Travis mcmichael were filed with the court late on Sunday The two men and William Bryan were found guilty in November of murdering ahmaud Arbery Brian is also serving life in prison but he does have the possibility of parole Georgia power is planning on closing all of its coal fired power.

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