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Told me a little bit about this carnivore diet. What what are some. Maria feasts that you've been have. What are some of your favorites. All my favorite is for sure tomahawk. Tomah tomahawk is my favorite. but but i- lots of revise. and. When i started a diet i was in about maybe two or three pound. Suriname gained close to six seven pounds of meat almost every day. And i feel good. I feel great than i don. I was a vegetarian back in the day. That was one of the worst decisions. Probably made. But brian also gray man. I just know inflammation on nothing. So when i when i go into case too i could feel that to like in the past i would go in. There was just. I was stuck out stinking too much. I wasn't throwing some kambas. I go in there. I know what to do and it. Just i don't even Would i. I won't even i goes. I goes the fight. Goes you know. So yeah george. Norma fat buffoon over here in vegas but every once in a while people take me serious look and i got a little bit gray hair. Which means i'm older and wiser. Why is it that. When i used to pitch a steak too you'd be like give them a hot trophy clemson. One-off comes along. You're eating is i mean salute to you go. That's how i did it for like ten years. It was one of the worst worst worst decisions ever ever. I thought eating peanut butter and bread and jelly as vegetarian. Man it was. It was bad but steak. You know ever since. I start working with a coach. Cal back in two thousand eighteen He kinda showed me the cheeto diet. Low carb diet. And then from there. I kind of like getting to the carnivore. Serene books about carnivore than i met sean baker. I start working out with them. And this guy's beast like man. He works out for like two hours and then after about eight pounds of steak riders from view. It's it's crazy. But you know i and he was a in orthopedic surgeon so ask a lot a lot of questions. So i feel great. And my kids are carnivore. Also arteries are filling up as we speak all right. I'm happy for you. This comeback at fifty five three in one. You mentioned russia ireland england. You know mama dot number made off clearly those are all light weights you know in your division is there one that stands out or maybe he's the one that i've named it that you'd like to and i want to really focus on The kyrie irish guy clearly. Or maybe the russians because a lot of people don't know i know that you fly the armenian wag but you're also born in russia so you know there's a few countries that are close to your heart them talking about russia they go back. Is that a fight card. you'd like to be on. Yeah of course. I want to get on that card really bad. I know it's end october. It's in moscow. That's that's what i was born. So i would love to go there. I have a very very big Outer When i was fighting back with the acp. There's lot a lot of fans. So i'll like to get on that card but going back to the fighters If critical really doesn't fight which freaky are like match up. I would also like to match up with a tricky. I think men and match really good If adam peak allotted maybe doesn't have opponents our to fight a there's a kid a ranked. But i mean this kid. His name is al davis. He's talking so much shit. Many sent me messages on instagram. And and just being very disrespectful. So i think that'd be really easy. Matchup august Probably i onto but Gets annuals those russians. They don't have opponents. I'm down i think If my goal is the belt so Nothing affects me. If i have to fight a fellow russian fight or russian But like. I said i'm geared to get close to the belt and the belt amen you've gotten down against some of the top american wrestlers national champion and jenkins and palmer was all american so That that definitely ain't gonna scare anybody you know. It ain't gonna scare george carcani and that's for sure. Well i don't sound good to me. I'm happy for a bob. Aman bubbas doing really good. He's doing really good in. pflp he's he's He found his you know he found his group. And he's using his centers advantage almost like erin pico pico found out goes users wrestling so i'm happy for bubba. Are you still living up in the mountains or or did you relocate. Yeah i thought house there. I go over there Plan to sell and move out. Kelly but you know california is is is is a place i wanna be. I don't wanna live this place I still have spot. Close to lake. Arrowhead so i still go up there right and then original grappler. Let's talk about that. A little bit. The gym i was i going. That's going good I open up the original grappler training center february of this year. So it's good to kiss classes building up We have a kick boxing class Ba- mainly right. Now the focus on the kits. So today i'm gonna go teach A four o'clock. I'm not gonna kiss class so We focus on the kids. Take him to tournaments and You know built future champions. Because like i was satisfied is not something. I'm not always going to be able to do. But i wanna have my foot in the fighting always. It's given a back by teaching or just building next. The you know. Great fighter georgie. What is it like to instill some competence in a young kid. Whether they're getting bullied or they just lacked it or they. Maybe they weren't athletic. But now you insert some skills in them. Now they start showing up maybe at first they were shy of the first ones in the door. What's that been like for you. Kinda like i guess Spiritually not like or or just good for your mind good for the soul. What what's that experience like. It feels good. It feels good because I i know we're talking about and i have few them in the class Just with the kids. i'm very. I'm very Very front with them. I tell them. Listen we come here. I need to be focused. When we're going to train hard we're gonna push each other and we're going to be good training partners and you could tell the way we push each other. Jujitsu gives so much back to the kids especially I few to have you know. Some of them have like maybe mom or not stepdad. Or or a dad and step mom. So i have so many conversations with them and you could tell When they get the submission or your even when they get tapped when it come back training harder and harder it. You could tell when to step on math that confidence that they're not the same kit. That came maybe two weeks ago and You know. I feel like a kid. The days are getting comfortable with video games and ipads and stuff like that. And i have many conversations like that with kids before the class and after class that maybe live your ipads two hours before you come to class. Don't look at it and You know those little things them. And and i i see difference than to me as a when i go in there. I'm not a fighter when going down coach Because i tell him. Fighters need to be selfish fighters into focus on themselves. So when i go on down with coach and give them all the focus and i feel like when you look at a kid from aside you could tell them grow and grow and anational good by teaching giving back. That's awesome man. You're doing an outstanding thing. We can't change the world will at least were. Your gym is you're changing. Some kids lives so many. Them are worried like you said about video games or their next meal. We have obesity problems. Social media likes consumed in it. And you're taking them away and you're teaching them something who knows. Maybe one of them follow in your footsteps. I'm sure a lot of them were tuning in on saturday. You're going to get a great reception today. Yeah yeah a lot. A lot of the kids came by to the fights and their messaging me. And yeah you know it just like you said giving back to the kids. It's since it feels awesome. Also also two of my daughters are in the class so it feels good to be spending some time with them. So it's eight minutes been a blast. We've been covering you for over a dozen years and your has been a lot of fun lot of ups and downs just like any ama career out there way more ups and downs and right. Now you're on an incredible ride in that lightweight division. So thanks for giving us some time today now and and wait for the next one. Thank you. We'll talk to the georgia taylor.

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