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The homer problems in the minors. The amount like in a max eggs velocity numbers and and the exit lossing numbers not great. He seems to do a decent job of not letting people barrel in up. And i don't know if this is deception thing Or if this is gonna this gonna catch up on some point because he does give up a good amount of contact especially in the zone. Eighty seven percents on contact percentage For a guy with pretty you know decent exit flossy number. So i think this is gonna turn out poorly so i'm probably i mean i guess ten depends on can spot starting here and there. You know the bruce have been a pretty decent team this year But they've they've struggled hit a lot of. There's not that top. Three that rotation with with burns in woodrow thin peralta. That have been so great. Bullpen helping them out into snow. Hey willy and damase could not be tamed. Even in good vlad gutierrez started goes for four out of his mind. I'm so psyched on this man. Getting out of the trump was. It's magic it's magic. I gotta say for as much as i claim to. Really like william thomas. I was blind on this major home road issue. So you know maybe superfan. I thought i was because this was such a glaring issue and then he was on the. Chris rose podcast on john boys network with tower glass now and he talked about how awful the home road split was and he could not see the ball in the trump. And i mean it's night and day is night and day out of seventy seven. Wrc plus with the rays. And now he's up to one. Forty with the brewers says it feels like every games a road game now which is a good thing for him. He's very happy about that. But anyway vlad new terrorist. Just be careful here. I understand if you've got to get out and spot. Start some guys that are on the wire but this has a blow up in at some point. And i don't think it'll be like a gradual move to raise the ira at strikes me as something that's going to be like six runs in two innings kind of deal. Yeah yeah y'all kind of thing. But that's that's the kind of gut feel i get so be careful here. Nobody expected this from tony gone silent. His season debut excited for tony gunslinger return. You can't really get us an n. Pnc park but if you have zero command of your stuff even the pirates are going to be difficult for you. Because they're still major leaguers and he walked five in two thirds of course to get to the point of the pirates still only got one run off of it running out of the game because he had sixty six bitches interesting wine one and two thirds two heads. One run five walks for strikeout so it's like it was either walking or dominating them nothing in between but again sixty six pitches. That's probably all he was going to go. There is an alternate world where sixty six pitches would have been five scoreless innings. But he just didn't quite have it. I didn't get to watch this trip last night winning by the way. Yeah flexing hard on my trivia win but the five walks. Did you get to see anything from gone. I saw meaning two-thirds it was ugly. It was really having trouble finding the zone. I mean he only gave up two hits. But that's because it's it's hard things aren't near the song at a thirty three percent zone percentage in the outing. Yeah i mean this was just just a bad bad start. I'm i'm not really taking away from it. I think he's gonna be fine if anything you know for those of you still have him on the wires he'll be really really cheap and there will be cuts of him. Charlie absolutely people will be like. Oh well that didn't work. He's not ready and they'll make snap judgment and they'll get ready gone and i would instantly pick him up. Yeah i would. Yeah i think he can be a real difference maker especially in that dodger dodger rotation in the in the fact that they even let him go sixty six inches when he was struggling that then I think he's a sign that they're pretty comfortable with him. Yeah they really were like we like him. He's going to forty seven percent watery. I have a question forty one percent. What it's saying you can hear me. But he's saying on skype. The my mic is muted. That's to me it's weird but you're fine okay as long as it's recording everything that's fine but that is very curious that it saying that in my community. I really hope that recording me. Anyway you can hear me. It has to be your good. I don't use the sniper gordon software so it constant falls on your wire or was still out there. Go and get them. Take them on the cheap. I'm fully still in hundred percent. I'm not buckled by this. At all. And i think we we agree there kennedy. Kennedy's going to the i l. In kennedy have you been. Have you been following this. Do you have kennedy anywhere. I have him in a couple of fifties and you're aware of his twelve saves fifty three one win thirty percent strikeout rate. Listen i've been in ian kennedy fan throughout his career. I don't have anywhere i'm not. I'm not saying that to be got him everywhere. I just always liked him. I know i don't know what it was. it was really his arizona ears. I that's the kind of picture that i was found undervalued because he wasn't an ace but he was kind of that like thirty type guy. Top forty type. And i'm a sucker for guys like that so i always liked him and then transitions to the bullpen. Has a thirty save seasons in two thousand nineteen with the royals like. Hey something's going here. Does it again last year. Fourteen innings of ninety are a completely lose and he's thirty five so kind of some reason. Maybe think that he's toast. And i understand. Anybody thought that but then he goes to texas gets the closer's role and as i mentioned he's been dominant. He goes the i l. with a with a hamstring strain. I believe who who's going to close there. And does it matter i think it's going to be jolie rodriguez..

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