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Court food traditions and recipes it is part history book and part cookbook food is just one of the ways the justices can act that usually have lunch together and celebrate birthdays together in the introduction justice ruth bader ginsburg rights food in good company has sustained supreme court justices through the ages wbz news time coming up on six forty one time for us to head to the acp com sports studio and mr adam coughing warning sir good morning josh well steelers couldn't figure out rob drunk asky in yesterday's 27 24 patriots win in pittsburgh the tight end returned from his one game suspension had 9 kentu one hundred sixty eight yards plus a catch for twopoint conversion help the pants to a 3point lead with fifty six seconds left at punctuated tom brady's fiftythird career winning dr jesse james would be go ahead td overturn one catch was ruled an incompletion final moments drawn harmon then intercepted ben roethlisberger with five seconds left brady said is fifth straight win over the steelers was a good one team midday eleven it to this point so i thought they're playing well all year now obviously takes a lot to beat him missed out like there was no anyone was running away with it today is tight game in which is obviously may or more plated brady pass for two hundred ninety eight yards in td to brandin cooks tian lewis rex burkhead both ran for scores but burkhead left in the third quarter with a knee injury steelers lost the game also lost antonio brown to a calf injury it will reportedly be out until the playoffs next up afc east winning and current conference leading paths will host the bill sunday in search of their eighth straight season with at least twelve win sets unreal bills eight and six following a 24 sixteen win against the dolphins jimmy garoppolo the first cuba to begin his career five ano since ben roethlisberger he is three you know with the niners after 25 23 comeback win versus the titans i tell us a couple of weeks ago bit wanted chicago uh you know where young team or learn not wait and i think these close gains lloyd a payoff laura i think for next year and everything we're not looking that far had but it's good to danny's close games and there's different ways to win earthliest i always going to be pretty it's a guy grind it out.

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