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All use a little advice on manners during this corona virus pandemic in here with more on the evolving etiquette from the Emily post institute is Lizzie post so thanks for being with us I want to start off with supermarket and a kid what are the rules we should be following we really want to be following whatever the rules are supermarkets or settings so whether that following a directional path up and down the aisles if it's wearing masks for everyone I believe it is still trying to keep that physicals six foot distance which I think we need a lot of practice with but things are so different now you're not picking up all the different produce and boxes and reading labels you're trying to really only engage with product when you're going to select it you're also trying to look around you make sure that there's not someone weeding six feet away to get into that spot but has the item that you're looking for we also really want to be extra courteous to the staff who are there every day there are social workers and they're making it possible for us to purchase these items so you don't just want to say thank you at the cash register when I say it's all the stuff that you're seeing what about outdoor activities a lot of people walking their dogs running even riding their bikes what are the tips you give this is a really hard space right has your outdoors so it feels like you're more protected than when you're in those smaller confined spaces but there's been a lot of a lot of talk about still needing to maintain physical distance in the space of a lot of records are actually a full twelve feet wide over six feet wide so you're you're trying to gauge distances that were not used to having the games get really familiar with what six feet looks like you might even want to measure on your own pads sidewalks to see kind of really how far away do you need to move my mom always tells me she says you know put your arm out if they put their arms about six feet between the two of you but it's a really tough one you need to wear that mask every time you pass somebody for sure I can understand when you're not on the block that has anyone else on it you want to get fresh air but if you're if you're running if you're walking rollerblades skateboards freezers whatever it is you really want to be creating that sixty you want to be wearing a mask and if you're in a group dropped back to single file as you go to pass someone because it allows you to create more room you don't end up pushing someone away off the pads or into the street or into someone's yard in order to create the proper distance yeah I know that is very important I love that this is an interesting one I'm curious what you're gonna say because in these times we're hearing a lot of people cheering loudly blasting their music playing music and maybe they have the best of intentions what your thought is that polite or not what are the circumstances in which it is or it isn't this is a really tough one I think it's really cool the way a lot of cities in town to rally around a specific time of day to do it as a cheer for everyone to live spirits and encourage all our social workers I take away from all but you do want to think about it when you go to venture out on your own in our our duty seven PM is typically the time frame most people are in parks but if you were thinking about you know building concerto for your neighbor's birthday just might want to consider what day you're thinking of doing it I tend to hear that around five o'clock seems too easy as most people are done with their work days you call something that gets interrupted but families are putting young kids down there it's like you're buying the ballots and you live in but you do you really want to be considerate and think how much is this me participating in really giving to my community and how much is this just me blowing off steam one I think yeah it's all about being consider that pretty much sums it up Lizzie post etiquette expert thank you so much for your time we appreciate it.

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