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You have no plan B right so if you you're too what happens to your draft stop. Yeah Okay how many guys have we seen going to the contract year. Blow out their knee and what happens there right. So how do you cope and deal with that stuff and that type of stress. I didn't have those skills. So you get there and Miami was just like the way I look at Miami was like a one night stand like that like Oh why did I do that. It was bad it from top to bottom of wasn't will you go back home. 'cause Florida No. No I wasn't I mean it was it was the money and then it was Florida Boorda but the situation was that was bad business. Move for me like they were wildcat before the year before. Why am I going? There's a receiver who's being targeted One hundred and seventy times a year. I have the most targets every year in Denver. Like why would I even make that move. It was just a bad. It was a bad move ahead. Seattle Pete Carol's first year. They brought me in and they offered me a million and a half dollars more and I turned that down because my my agent my agent sold me on Seattle was he was like. Hey this out in the west coast. It's a nothing's out here. They have like four reporters on a beat. You'll get lost out here a high while. He's not lying. He wasn't pimple. I'm like no I don't want to go there. I wanted to go to the jet in New York. I settled for Miami so you so you always had aspirations come in New York even before the whole yes you build an entity with the immediate. You always New York as what one hundred percent. What happened was when I was going through it? With the Josh mcdaniels. The jets stood up and they were real time. It's Mark Sanchez at the hell. But here's here's the thing though. Mark was managing managing it well. The defense was phenomenal. Thinking all were missing. Is that x receiver that can beat Wayland Wayland. The running game was phenomenal. Yes but like you put me in that offense. The running game is phenomenal. So we're going to pound you and then when I get one on one I'm GonNa go do my thing sure right. It's the same thing we did my first year in the jets. That was my job on team when we get one. We're coming to you. We're going to run a ball. Then we're GONNA go to decker. One is your thing yet. Yeah right So to me it was a no brainer So yeah always wanted to be with the jets and it didn't happen and I love Rex Ryan. I thought I would fit well in. And they're in New York. I actually love Mark Sanchez. Even coming out. I love Mark Sanchez. Love night. He threw the ball so that was a perfect fit but what ended up happening happening is I went through that year in end up. Going with San Antonio homes. I'm pretty much gave him the same. Do that the dolphins gave me. It didn't work. So what happened was Tanenbaum he wanted to do he wanted to do the contract. It was like It was pretty much five for fifty fifty and instead of doing twenty to twenty four guaranteed he wanted to do twelve guaranteed. That will happen which was smart because he wanted to protect the team. I'm sure that you know you come in and you're going to be a citizen. Do and do what you're supposed to but it just make any sense so I had to go with the guarantee of twenty to twenty four collectivism interesting but the best part about the the story at Denver about you swan the balls down somewhere in his house. Adam Gates has been known to take copious copious notes every day of his coaching life. So somewhere in his house. There's binder with a page on it that says Brandon Marshall Took Shit for twenty five minutes. We gotta find him. Yeah yeah.

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